Thursday, 20 February 2014

Taobao order incoming!

So I'm pretty excited, I just did one of the biggest Taobao hauls everrrrrrr. It's mainly more casual wear and cute j-fashion but I got myself some lolita things as well !!
There are a lot of Milk, Amavel, E-Hyphen and Candy Stripper replicas as well as some cute offbrand lolita shoes, bags and petticoats.
Here is a collage of the things I've ordered:
In total I've ordered:
♡ 2 T-shirts
♡ 6 Dresses
♡ 4 Blouses
♡ 2 Coats
♡ 3 Berets
♡ 2 Bags
♡ 5 Pairs of shoes
♡ 1 Bracelet
♡ 1 Pair of tights
♡ 1 Phone case
♡ 2 Petticoats
I'm definitely going to do a review when I receive everything, I'm a bit scared of what the shipping is going to cost me though orz;;


  1. O.o such a big order, i'm so jelly right now :D can't wait for the review (well especially for the link because I'm such a Taobao noob xD) I love your blog, would you like to follow each other perhaps? Let's stay in touch!

    xoxo, Stella

    1. Ahahaha yaaay! I'm a bit sad because some of the things I wasn't able to get because they went out of stock, but that's okay !!
      I'll definitely post the links too ^^!

      I will most definitely look at your blog now <3!