Friday, 7 February 2014

Current wardrobe post - picture heavy!

I've been asked by quite a few people to post my wardrobe so I spend all day the other day photographing (very poorly I'm sorry T__T) the things that I have in my bedroom 
I hope you guys enjoy my post, and if we have matching dresses let me know so we can twin please !!

Dresses and sets!


Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron halter neck JSK with two pairs of matching socks, Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts OP, Angelic Pretty Milky Berry JSK with headbow, barrette and matching socks
Angelic Pretty French Girl JSK, Angelic Pretty Milky-chan of the Fawn necklace style JSK with Secret Shop replica socks, Angelic Pretty Polkadot Chocolate OP
Emily Temple Cute striped JSK, Strawberry Skies Pink-hime JSK, Emily Temple Cute hearts OP
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Garden OP, Alice and the Pirates Tall Collar Swallow Jacket and matching skirt set, offbrand fawn collars, Chantilly diamond OTKs, Elpress bonnet

purple and lilac:

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival tiered JSK with matching headbow, Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival OP first release
Angelic Pretty Flower Butterfly OP with matching headbow, Angelic Pretty Whimsical Vanilla-chan OP with matching socks


Innocent World Music Note JSK, Innocent World Rottenburg JSK with matching Jacket and socks, Angelic Pretty blouse with detachable sleeves, Dear Celine blouse
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Little Red Riding Hood special set OP with detachable sleeves, Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story Military Switching JSK with matching headbow, mini hat and socks, Chocomint velvet headbow, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice cutsew, Baby the Stars Shine Bright striped OTKs

brown and cream:

Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat Switching JSK with matching tights and beret, Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Jabot style JSK with matching Bonnet and Royal Queen OTKs, Angelic Pretty Petit Patisserie tiered JSK with matching socks and offbrand beret
Innocent World Orion OP, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Merry Sweet Castle JSK with matching headbow, Innocent World Classical Ribbon JSK
Cornet Strawberries JSK with matching headbow, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Chained Berry Memoir maria version JSK, Angelic Pretty Sheep Garden tiered JSK and Angelic Pretty bow barrette
Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House JSK with collar and offbrand beret, Angelic Pretty Honey Cake JSK with matching socks and Baby the Stars Shine Bright bear headbow, Angelic Pretty polkadot cardigan, Rilakkuma for Japan LA cardigan
Emily Temple Cute bubble OP, Emily Temple Cute Biscuits and Chocolate Print sleeveless OP, Emily Temple Cute dot rabbit OP
Emily Temple Cute dot JSK, Emily Temple Cute ballerina rabbit JSK, Emily Temple Cute tea time JSK with matching brooch


Lief's Sacred Night JSK (M)

black and navy:

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie halterneck JSK with matching headbow and wrist cuffs, Alice and the Pirates Marionette in my Closet JSK with matching headbow and socks, Angelic Pretty Assorted Cookie JSK with offbrand headbow
Infanta Snow White JSK with matching headbow, bonnet and accessories, Vierge Vampur Mealtime OP, Alice and the Pirates Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island Mary JSK with matching headbow
Alice and the Pirates Vampire Forest JSK, Victorian Maiden replica sailor set with blouse, skirt and kodona shorts
Skirts, blouses and outerwear!
Angelic Pretty Country of Sweets Apron style skirt, Kidsyoyo ribbon blouse, Emily Temple Cute Cherry skirt
Angelic Pretty longsleeve cutsew, Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate skirt, Angelic Pretty cardigan cutsew with detachable collar, Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Donut skirt
Baby the Stars Shine Bright lace blouse, Angelic Pretty Fantasic Dolly skirt, Yolanda chiffon blouse, Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy skirt
Angelic Pretty Polkadot Jewel Ribbon cardigan, Angelic Pretty Milky-chan of the Fawn appliqué skirt, Kitten D'Amour peter pan collar blouse, Liz Lisa short coat
Assorted Angelic Pretty cutsews with cute motifs, centre is an Angelic Pretty sheer blouse
Alice and the Pirates jacket, Dear Celine kodona shorts and short sleeve blouse, Bodyline long sleeve cutsew, Chess Story rose canotier and jabot, Alice and the Pirates detachable jabot and tie
Baby the Stars Shine Bright heart button blouse, Dear Celine kodona vest and short set, Chess Story rose headbow, Innocent World ribbon headbow, Black Peace Now striped jumpsuit
Accessories, bags, trinkets and shoes!
Group picture of the majority of my head accessories including Ergi, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World, various taobao stores, offbrand and handmade
Only lolita related accessories including Angelic Pretty, Deerstalker "brand whore" range, Swimmer, Chocomint, handmade and offbrand (Annette you still have my Doki Clips !! I'm onto you...)
Sock collection including Angelic Pretty, Chantilly, Innocent World, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, Secret Shop taobao and offbrand
Lolita related bags only (because I always use my damn Rillakuma bag or handbag instead) including Angelic Pretty, Swimmer, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Evil Live and offbrand
Angelic Pretty dolls - Japanese names:
D-102 アンジェリックプリティxDALコラボのマレッティ

Tea parties, boots, heels, rocking horse shoes and lolita related shoes - mainly taobao bought
Baby the Stars Shine Bright parasol
Currently my coats are in storage because it's summer here so I will definitely post them soon when I have access to them, and I'll also be adding a list of previously owned dresses and items (mainly for myself to keep track of what goes in and out of my wardrobe because it has a very high turn over orz;; !!) I was also thinking about doing a separate wardrobe post with all my j-fashion items but I don't know what do you guys think!?  ♥ 
Thank you for looking !! Please link me to your wardrobes too !!


  1. wanna steal all your clothes ; A;)/ everything is so cute

  2. What an amazing collection <3 There are so many things within it that I adore ^^

    I've got a few of the same prints as you - Sugary Carnival jsk in black, Day Dream Carnival OP in lavender, Melty Cream Donuts skirt in pink (true twinning) and Sugary Hearts jsk in lavender.

    1. Thank you ♡ !!

      Oh that's awesome, we seem to have a similar style *____*

  3. OH MY GOOOOD!! o_O
    Your wardrobe is beyond huge! So many lovely things I'm quite envious about..hihi x)

    Is your family like insanely rich or do you have a really high-salary paying job? :o

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Eeee, thank you !! Yeah, it's getting to the point where it doesn't actually fit in my wardrobe anymore *sigh*

      Neither really, I come from a normal family and work as a pharmacy assistant. I do work a lot of hours, and have quite a bit of disposable income which I spend on lolita collecting things and looking for bargains ^^!

  4. Such a lovely wardrobe! I like the mix of colours.

    Mine is here: . I have a couple prints you own: Day Dream Carnival, Sugary Carnival, Holy Night Story, & Musée du Chocolat. I want Holy Night Story in every colourway eventually as I love it so much!

    1. Ahhhh you have such a lovely wardrobe !!
      I definitely agree about HNS, it's one of my favourite prints ever - especially the switching JSK ♡ ♡ ♡

  5. You own the most beautiful and magical clothing! Your wardrobe must be huge :O

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. Thank you ^_____^ !!
      My wardrobe takes up half of my room, it was custom built for me when we moved here because Mum knows I have a lot of clothes (and a shopping addiction!) ahahahaha.

  6. I love your wardrobe! I just recently got interested in lolita fashion, though I don't think I could pull it off as fabulously as you do! This is by far my favorite blog ever! Thanks for being my inspiration! ❤️��������

    1. Ahhh this means so much to me, thank you ♡ !

  7. Amazing wardrobe! ❤️
    So lovely post! I really love your blog! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  8. I am so peanut butter and JELLY right now!
    <3 amazing collection.

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  11. WOW!, what a truly AMAZING collection there. You are an inspiration. I have only recently got into Lolita and now collect the dresses as a hobby. My own personal dream one is a 'strawberries' one and also the biscuits and chocolate print (that should be named the 'pretzels' one)! you have so we'll see. But they are all FAB and your wardrobe is magical. You are so unique!. Shameme x

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, strawberry and chocolate prints are so cute!

      I wish you well in your collecting of them all!

  12. You're my lolita idol!!! kyaaaa~ im 15 and i wanna be a lolita like you some day :3

  13. My dream wardrobe, tbh. <3 I cannot wait for the day I'll have as much stuff as you do, haha. ;o;

  14. Can you tell me if I cam buy the AP Sugary Carnival anywhere? *-*
    I looooooooooooooove all the clothes. ♥