Sunday, 24 August 2014

Welcome to my bedroom!

I finally finished re arranging and cleaning my room, so I decided to take a few pictures of what it looks like because a lot of people have been asking for a room tour ♥♥♥~
Click the images to make them larger !!
My bed with rilakkuma duvet cover, with wig shelves and dresses at the back.

Full view of my french provincial dressers and desk with bookshelf hutch, shoe rack underneath and dress form with Sugary Carnival displayed.

Corner of my bedroom where the entrance is with my favourite bags on the back of the door with purikura and polaroids to the left of it.
Close up of corner with bags and art by Lapin Fou Fou who gave me so many cute prints for my room.

More close ups of behind my door. Underneath the photo collections is a plush toy pile.

Another angle taken from behind the door of my french provincial furniture sets with many rilakkuma accessories on them.
My Kuroshitsuji and Angelic Pretty dolls on display.
Makeup and beauty products on my dresser.

A few closer looks at what is on my shelves including my Rilakkuma merchandise (which you can never have enough of) and some of my headbows on display that do not fit inside the dresser.

Full view of the bookcase hutch.
Closer views of my dressform corner and bedside table.
My wardrobe shots, with dresses on the left top and skirts and blouses underneath. On the right is my other clothes and platform shoes (and boyfriends messy shelf underneath).

Close up of dress prints inside my wardrobe.

Full view of my bed and dress rack with wardrobe open.

I hope you liked looking at what I have as my little space in the world! I love it so much and I continue to add to it everyday. I don't know if people have seen past bedroom photos but I had big bookshelves that were full of kawaii hoarded things that I had collected over the years - but now I feel my room is more clean and open and it makes me very happy.


  1. No words can cover how awesome your lolita collection is <3

  2. Your room is beautiful :) I love how it's a reflection of your personality, my room is made up of little collections too, DVD's, food clothes, books, all my teddies and so on. ^.^

  3. <3 <3
    Your room was more beautiful than it already was.
    It is brighter, this value more its wardobre.

  4. Woah! Such an amazing room ❤
    I bet this is every sweet lolita's dream! ^___^
    So many have a really lovely collection and I'm so jelly of the AP-dolls. ❤
    The big mirror is really nice. I wonder how you can keep everything dust-free. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  5. I must say I am in absolute awe with your bedroom. It is a true lolita dream world! May I ask, the dresses that are hung up, do you alternate them or are those your favourite prints pinned against the wall?

  6. I love your room! Its so super cute. I just bought a house and am in the process of creating my perfect room, I love how you have your dresses hanging on the wall, I may do the same :)

    - Sarah

  7. I'm in love with your room, haha. *O*
    <3 Awh, so cute.

  8. Ah, love your room and I'm so jealous of your Rilakkuma collection! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  9. Ahhh~! You're room is so cute! It looks magical with all the lolita and rilakkuma around it ^.^


  10. Such amazing!!! I really love your room~ so so cute~
    I also collect Pullips ❤

    ♣ Neko {Hime} Blog ♠

  11. Woow O__O thats my dream bed room! Rilakkuma and lolita clothes everywhere! It's amazing! aww :3 I have the same kigurumi XD
    PS: this is the first time when I saw your blog. It looks very good *__* I can't wait for the next article!

  12. i wish my room was as organized......

  13. Cute bedroom!
    Take a look at mine if you fancy.

    Alice May xxx

  14. i <3 your design... its so cute and inspiring for me...

  15. Your room is absolutely adorable! The plushy collection is huge. I'm amazed you were able to fit all of your Lolita collection in your room. Hahaha! Even your bed looks so kawaii. I also love the fact that you used your outfits as decor because they couldn't fit in your closet. That's really brilliant. Hahaha! Anyway, thanks for giving us a tour of your room. All the best to you! :)

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store

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  17. Shared here so many beautiful pictures of bedroom designing and decoration I really liked the bedding ideas, its too good. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Beautiful :) I love how it's a reflection of your personality, my room is made up of little collections too, DVD's, food clothes, books, all my teddies and so on.

    discount bunk beds

  19. could I visit and dress up with some of you outfits pretty please, they excite me