Monday, 17 February 2014

Lolita challenge 4: 10 different kinds of food you like!

Ahhhh  I've had such a busy week that I haven't been able to post at all >___< !! Shoots, meets and work have got the better of me but I'm ready to keep going with the lolita challenge !!
Oh mannn this one is about food. I love food so much and trying to pick a top ten is so hard because I eat like everything (except cucumber and celery oh my god gross) so these are in no particular order. I'm going to try and write more categories and dishes instead of individual things because there is just too much to choose from.
1. Smoothies are food right!? I consider them meals in a cup so nerrrr they're going in the list. I just recently got a blender over obsessing over them for so long and all I wanna do is make fruit smoothies with sorbet and yoghurt and ice cream and just everything. I like the ones from boost juice too - I always get green tea mango mantra or honey buzz because they're so yummmm.

2. One of my favourite things ever is cheese and antipasto platters. I'm that person at a party that sits right next to it and doesn't eat anything else until it's all gone. I've always been a big cheese fan, especially of the vintage and flavoured ones (like the one with sun-dried tomato blended into it *drooooool*). Dips are also amazing and I could eat them all day every day with some biscuits or carrot sticks - beetroot, avocado and chunky pesto dips are some of my favourites.

3. Hot pot da besssss. Seriously the best. The place I go to gives you a variety of vegetables and those noodles in a bunch but also an egg to dip your meat in before you eat it (at first I was like OH GROSS WHO THE HELL DIPS THINGS IN RAW EGG LIKE SAUCE!??! but man it's definitely something to try). I always order extra noodles to put in it too because noodles are number one. It's also really fun to sit there and cook your own food even though it's kinda a weird concept to pay for a restaurant to not do it, hahahahhaha.

4. Cookies and cream flavoured anything. It's probably the best flavour ever invented for sweets !! I love the Hershey's chocolate and the Sara Lea ice-cream and home made oreo cheesecake and basically anything to do with dipping biscuits in milk when I'm poorfag and can't afford those orz;;

5. Sandwiches made with super fillings and then toasted on turkish bread or bagels are so yum. I have one nearly everyday for lunch at work and I pack on spinach and rocket, avocado, sun-dried tomato, feta, fresh tomato, beetroot, and cheese. It's so healthy and yum at the same time, yessssssss.

6. I really love ramen. I'm drooling thinking about the warm broth and noodles and slices of pork on top that melt in your mouth and the vegetables and ughhhhhhhh especially on cold days or days where you are hungry as hell and you need something to completely fill your stomach (and you end up sitting there looking pregnant with food).

7. My favourite little things that I keep in my handbag all the time are the musk flavoured lifesavers. Usually I have to buy like ten of them though because as soon as I eat one I generally don't stop until I've eaten the whole packet orz;;

8. Pizza, but not just any pizza man, gourmet pizza. The ones that are topped with so many things you can't fit it all in your mouth at once. There's a take away pizza place near me called Crust and I always get a half half with the chicken, pesto, prosciutto and rocket pizza on one side, and the gourmet Mediterranean vegetarian with pesto on top because I can't choose between the two. Or those italian woodfire pizza places that make the dough themselves and it's all puffy and yum.

9. I used to have a really big hatred for seafood until sushi happened. I started off with all the chicken and vegetarian ones then tried salmon, tuna and prawn and oh man now I can't get enough. I'm now one of those people who get one of everything and have a plate stacked up halfway to the moon. I especially love the ones with kewpie mayonnaise, seared salmon, cream cheese and avocado somewhere in the mix. 

10. Huge ice-cream sundaes definitely need to be on this list too. The ones with heaps of sauce, wafers, sprinkles and like five scoops of ice-cream in them that are bigger than your head. Mainly because they're pretty to look at but when the sweet tooth cravings kick in they're the best things ever to settle them !!
I just realised there are so many carb-y foods in that list ahahhahaha but I just can't keep away from them. Hopefully I won't be so busy this coming week so I can catch up on some posts !!


  1. yahahaa! Icecream is the best!! and pizza and bagels!!! You are making me hungry thinking of fooooddd!! XDD