Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My current Angelic Pretty wishlist and favourites!

This is an extremely picture heavy post of all of the Angelic Pretty items that I love at the moment! Most of these are on my wishlist, or are pieces of sets that I am in the middle of collecting as well as other cute items I found whilst browsing that I would love to have as a part of my wardrobe. They're mainly prints as well as chocolate themed items as opposed to plain dresses, I definitely think there is an ongoing brown, cream and pink theme surrounding food and animals!


Cat's Tea Party JSK set - Imai Kira collaboration in pink or grey
Melty Royal Chocolate Beret, Melty Royal Chocolate Low Waist JSK and Melty Royal Chocolate Tights in brown
Melty Chocolate Head Bow, Melty Chocolate High Waist JSK and Melty Chocolate OTKs in mint
Cinema Doll Headbow, Cinema Doll OP and Cinema Doll Crew Length Socks in pink
Marshmallow Bunny Head Bow, Marshmallow Bunny JSK with collar and Marshmallow Bunny OTKs in black or pink
Jewel Ribbon Head Bow and Jewel Ribbon Tiered JSK in brown
French Cafe Head Bow, French Cafe Switching JSK and French Cafe OTKs in pink 
Chocolate Rosette Beret, Chocolate Rosette JSK in navy, and Chocolate Rosette OTKs in white

Wonder Party Head Bow, Wonder Party Halter JSK in mocha brown and Wonder Party OTKs in white

 Dresses, salopettes and skirts:

Sweet Waffle Salopette in pink, Melt ChocoLapin OP Set, and Royal Chocolate Round JSK in pink or mocha
Drink Me JSK in pink or white, Little Flower Chiffon OP in pink, Melty Cream Donut OP in beige
Misty Sky OP in navy or sax, Fantastic Dot OP, Nostalgic Cutsew OP
Little Bear's Cafe Skirt in pink, Chess Chocolate Skirt in beige

Blouses, cutsews and outerwear:

Fancy Ribbon Short Coat (Lame Waffle), Royal Chocolate Jacket in mocha, Girly Heart Short Coat (Solid)
Omekashi Ribbon Tunic Parka, Melty Royal Chocolate Knitted Cardigan, Flat Collar Bolero
Dot Ribbon Blouse, Chess Chocolate Emblem Embroidered Blouse, Powder Sugar Blouse
Sweet Scallop Collar Blouse, Sweet Scalloped Collar Cardigan
Sugar Baby Doll Cutsew, Lace Up Pastel Switching Cutsew, Petit Patisserie T-shirt

Socks and accessories:

Fancy Bunny Fur Beret, Royal Chocolate Head Bow, Chess Chocolate Head Bow
Sweet Cream Biscuit Necklace, Melty Cream Donut Necklace, and Sweet Cream Ginger Bear Necklace

Marshmallow Bunny Necklace, Wonder Cookie Necklace

Cinema Doll Frame Bracelet, Wonder Cookie Bracelet
Musee Du Chocolat Crew Length Socks, Princess Logo Crew Length Socks, and Border Ribbon Crew Length Socks
Royal Chocolate OTKs, Sweet Cream House OTKs, Sweet Cream House tights
Day Dream Carnival Tights in lavender, Toe Shoes OTKs,  Polka Dot Chocolate OTKs 
French Biscuit Bag, Royal Chocolate Boston Bag
Melty Royal Chocolate 3-Way Rucksack With Plate

There are probably so many more things that I could add to this, but my mind is super blank. I just know that if it's chocolate themed or pink I need it *___*!! It always makes me wonder what themes other people collect and have in their wardrobe!

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  1. Waaah~ so many yummie looking dresses and accessories and all kinds of cutenesses!! <3
    Hope you can get some of these in the future and cross them off from your wishlist. ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~