Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lolita challenge 3: 10 things I hate in lolita!

This is a really hard thing for me to write, because there isn't much that I hate about Lolita fashion because mannnnn my life pretty much revolves around it. I really struggled to write down ten things, and really they're more of a dislike than a hatred but ehhhhhh~ challenge here we go !!
1. I guess the number one thing that I can think of is the price of the actual hobby. The dresses themselves are sooo expensive and it really takes it out of your bank account >___<. Even socks and accessories have a higher price on them than other fashions and paying a bazillion dollars for a headbow or a pair of socks is kinda unjustifiable sometimes! But then again I guess it is all limited and it's about collecting and stuff (now I'm just talking to myself to try and make me feel better about how much money I spend orz;;)

2. Okay so this isn't really lolita's fault, it's my country but ahhhhhh the weather in Australia is so hot and heat just does not mix with lolita at all. Lolita has a lot of layers like bloomers, blouses and socks but they're nothing compared to the worst one of all -  the petticoattttt. I suffer from heat sickness which sucks, and I wish it snowed where I lived or was permanently cardigan weather so I wouldn't have to suffer on summer days.

Complete and utter demonnnnnnn!!

3. The one thing that really irks me is the brand, offbrand, replica and handmade debate. It's caused a lot of drama not only in communities but forums and blogs all across the interwebs. I think it's silly to get so upset and worked up over clothes, if you can wear any of the above and make it look good - that's awesome. It's not about where you got your clothes, it's definitely how you wear them.

4. The dresses always ever come out in only one size in each style, and it's always different. I've got some that fit perfectly and the others just seem to hang off me which sucksss. I think Emily Temple Cute is the worst when it comes to odd sizings and I'm considering getting mine altered to fit properly because it's so big. Shoe sizes are also a problem! I've noticed Baby, the Stars Shine Bright always having odd fits for each shoe they bring out, Angelic Pretty are okay, Innocent World I've been told run small and I'm told Bodyline is either really comfortable or horrible to wear. I mainly stick to buying taobao shoes because I've found they fit better! My favourite brand is Seasons.
5. Most of the time the comments and reactions from people are really nice, but there are always unwanted comments and interactions that are really nasty and uncomfortable. I've had milk thrown at me, things yelled across the street at me and just general stares and nasty mumbling about what I'm wearing. Some people even take pictures sneakily and rudely without asking first - I wonder how they feel if I did it to them? I'm more than happy to oblige and pose for a photo when asked >____<

Lolitas in public, dun dun dun~

6. Dresses that just seem impossible to come by when you've been searching for a million years are the worst. There are a few dresses on my wishlist that either never pop up, pop up when I have no money at all, or get bought before I see them and I'm just like ahhhh noooooooooo I'm an hour too late to see the post !!

7. Sometimes buying dresses sucks in itself. I hate it when I'm so close to winning an auction and get outbid! Even worse is finding a dress but the currency conversion makes it so expensive to get to my country, and even worse than that is finding a dress but it has been scalped in price that it's just like pffffttt good luck selling that orz;;

8. Trying to match colours together sometimes in a pain in the butt. Like when you buy a cardigan in pink and it's a different pink to the dress you're trying to wear it with. Or your socks are just slightly off and are a different colour and just don't match how you would like it too. Oh man my biggest personal pet peeve is trying to match the white or cream lace on your dress to your blouse (I know only I really notice but ughhhhhhhh) !! I also have something against most blue and yellow colourways of dresses, I don't know why but I just tend to avoid them.

9. "The bloomer and blouse rule" is the stupidest thing ever, like ever ever. Sometimes it's just too uncomfortable to wear these things whether it doesn't fit underneath, you're hot or it just doesn't match and you're experimenting with a different look. I personally think do whatever you like mannn, there shouldn't be rules to lolita (we're not in a private high school nerr nerrr).

Cute, but sometimes annoying >___<

10. The worst but best thing about lolita is lace monstersssssssssssss. Good god they are the worst thing ever but I'm so glad they exist because they are also hilarious because they are so hideous. Oh Milanoo, you da best - I even follow a tumblr blog dedicated to Milanoo nightmares !!

Thanks for reading guys, please leave any comments or questions below and link me to your lolita challenges too!


  1. It was really interesting reading the things you dislike your hobby. I never knew that Lolitas were suffering under the Australian heat and that someone could be so nasty as to throw milk at you. Lolitas are so cute, it's a shame that some people would abuse you.

    1. Yeah, heat is the worst thing ever to happen to lolita >___< !!
      I guess you're going to get abuse one way or another and people react differently to things that are out of their norm.

  2. How rude people can get! I don't understand why people find lolitas so "disturbing" to get at that point ugh.

    1. Eughhhhh I guess they just weren't bought up with manners or open minds T___T

  3. Milk...? Like how in the world people are walking aroudn drinking milk on the streets?
    On the other hand, you go gurl, blouses and bloomers should be optional! Maaan, they're just clothes to make you feel pretty, shouldn't be taken as a personal offense.


    1. It was some kid on a scooter drinking a carton of chocolate milk, hahahaha!

      Yeahhhh screw dem unnecessary items, comfort over everything <3!

  4. i want to know tumblr of milanoo nightmare... please give me link >o<

  5. I've just found your blog and it's soooo cute! I'll read everything :3
    Anyway I decided to comment here in order to suggest something: I live in Brazil and I know how terrible it is to wear a petticoat during summertime. My answer to the problem is a cage skirt (not a crinoline, but the one that has virtually no fabric, just the structure. Crinolines tend to be a bit warm too). They're also easier to store. I've no idea where you could find one in Australia, here we buy from the US but there are wonderful DIY tutorials on youtube as far as I'm aware.
    Natália :)

    1. Ahhh thank you tihs makes me happy!
      Ohhhhh really? I never thought of doing that it's such a good idea. I would probably buy online but I will definitely have a look.
      Thank you so much!

  6. Very surprisingly, I have never had any problems with wearing Lolita in public. Maybe it's because I live in a very small town where everyone knows who I am, but even outside of town, I have never had major problems with people yelling at me or throwing things at me in public at all. It really boggles me sometimes.