Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lolita challenge 6: 10 things you can’t live without in lolita!

I know, I know I skipped number 5 - but I am always posting wishlists so it was a waste of timeeeee. This time I have to post about ten things I can't live without in lolita, so here we goooooo. Trying to think of these things was kinda weird really - like obviously you can live without these things because it's not a life necessity but it's definitely a hobby I enjoy to the point of revolving my life around it.
1. The colour pink is not just a thing I can't live without in lolita, I can't live without it in my life at all - it's the best colour to ever exist and I get annoyed when I find something that doesn't come in pink. WHY WOULD YOU NOT MAKE IT IN PINK!? 

2. Internet mannn. No internet means no shopping, no communication with other lolitas, no blogging, no stalking pretty people, no nothing. I actually think I would be bored out of my brain if I didn't have it - or worse outside playing some kind of sport and being active *screaming* *A*;; !!

3. I wouldn't be able to do anything without my job giving me sweet sweet cash moneys. Money is essential in any hobby and I definitely do not mind spending it on the pretty things I find!

Burando money from a lolita monopoly game !!

4. Shopping services are the best thing to ever happen to lolita and I really don't know how I would live without them for auction sites and taobao especially. I rely on them so heavily for a lot of lolita things that don't ship overseas (which is nearly all of it, waaaa) and other j-fashions and just cute things in general. Plus, it actually turns out a lot cheaper to buy in bulk from other countries than it does to buy things in Australia most of the time orz;;

5. Okay, I admit I can't live without petticoats - even though I think they are the devil. They really do make the whole lolita silhouette when worn, and puff out the dress so it looks full and the prints or fabrics are in full show. I wear different shaped ones depending on the cut of the dress I'm wearing, and for conventions go all out and see how many I can wear without looking completely ridiculous !! 

6. It's always nice to have cameras around. I definitely think taking pictures and documenting the fun times you have in lolita is something you can't live without. Also I like my selcas and derp photos and stuff nerrrr don't judge meeeeeeee.

7. Inspiration from other lolitas is such a big thing - I love looking through photos, blogs and journals to see how different people coordinate the same dress, and how it can be so versatile with creativity and different colour palettes. 

8.  Angelic Pretty will forever be my number one favourite and I really think that I would definitely think differently about lolita fashion without it. I love all of their prints (well, almost all somebody please burn that "Dreamy Baby Room" monstrosity), especially the new sweet classic ranges that are coming out. I can't see myself really dressing in gothic or classic as my main style, but man I definitely appreciate the girls that pull it off so well.

I love you, Angelic Pretty~

9.  I definitely wouldn't be able to get by without support from family, friends and my boyfriend. Having a nice support network around you really makes a world of difference - especially when they are people close to you. My family was a bit like whattttttt at first, but now Mum even helps me do up my waist ties and gives feedback on my coordinates. My friends outside of lolita also like it and I get asked to wear it out when we all hang out together which makes me really happy. Oh, and Cathal now knows brand names, some print names and lolita jargon so I can talk to him freely about it and he understands - but he's also made up some stupid names for dresses and tells me I can't buy certain ones because "they're ugly", hahahhaha.

10. My community and meetups are a big part of me - if I didn't have these guys lolita wouldn't be much fun at all. I love always seeing them and meeting up doing various activities like swap meets, high teas, bowling and pizza nights and pyjama parties. I've met some of my closest friends through lolita and I'm just so happy mann.

Please let me know if you've started the challenge too, or what the things are that you couldn't live without n___n !! 


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