Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Secret Life of the Lolita: Part three!

Elliot and Goldie of Deerstalker Pictures have just released the final instalment of the documentary series about lolitas !! This time it explores the different substyles of lolita, but of course it goes from normal styles to completely ridiculous but amazing ones made up for the video.

OTT Sweet uguu~ lolita (me) and hobo lolita (Maya babbuu)
It was all filmed in one day at my house being the main location using different rooms, my front yard, the street in front of my house as well as the nearby park and industrial areas. But there was also a bit of travelling to the beach, other people's houses and other locations for it to be perfected ♡ ♡  !! 

Here is the video below:

It was like playing dress ups with all the clothes in my wardrobe and the clothes that everybody else bought as well. We were rolling around in a sea of clothes and everybody was helping each other coordinate and come up with different substyles that we thought were funny or would be awesome to portray. I was running on 48 hours no sleep because I am an idiot, so I only did sweet lolita and ero lolita and was happy to watch for the rest ^^!

Robber lolita (Cming) and badass bikie lolitas (Maya, Meggu and Victoria)

I'm so excited for the bloopers / the making of video because I know there were a lot of derpy moments that were captured that I would love to laugh at. Hopefully we get to do bonus ones soon too because after the video we thought of so much more to do >:]