Tuesday, 8 April 2014

High tea times~

On Sunday I went to a high tea that is held once a year by Mercedes and her wonderful family at her house. It's definitely one of the most anticipated meets we have in our lolita community - and this year's theme was crowns!

Co-ord rundown:
Dress: Merry Sweet Castle JSK by Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Headbow: Matching to the dress by Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Amavel "Tea party" embroidery blouse
Shoes: Antaina double strap tea enamel parties
Accessories: Offbrand and Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Her house is simply divine filled with trinkets and vintage collections like a dolls house, and coming from a family of caterers and foodies everything that we eat is handmade from scratch with their secret recipes and beautiful presentation.

But there is one thing that we all love the most - the chicken sandwich:

The highly elusive chicken sandwich only appears annually at the tea party, and you have to get in quick before they are all devoured. Mercedes also made new editions to the sandwich collection with a super yummy egg one, asparagus and mayonnaise one, and special cucumber ones. Other savouries include pastries, quiches, sausage rolls and other things (that all got eaten before I got a chance to get to them because I was too worried about eating as many chicken sandwiches as I could).

All the sweets came out once we all had time to digest our savoury tummy food overloads, and seriously each year just seems to get better and better. There was sooo much to eat to each including, lavender jelly, green tea ice cream, pink velvet cake with vanilla meringue icing, oreo slice, brownies, mini loveheart strawberry cheesecakes, malteaser slice, lemon slice, chocolate coated strawberries, chocolate mousse, scones, and of course macarons.

My favourite was definitely the speckled pink macaron that tasted exactly like a jam ball donut !!

Here is our group shot from the day (missing a few people though T__T). It's now become a tradition for our community to take a nice photo followed by a derp one.
Apart from the fact it was bucketing rain outside, everybody had such a lovely day. I got to catch up and derp around with my friends. I didn't take many photos though which I'm unhappy about but next time I will have a better camera so I can be super snappy camera girl.


  1. Wowowowowow all that yummy looking food *o*
    Looks like a fab time!

    1. It was wonderful, thank youuu <3
      I wish I could eat food like that everyday!

  2. Hahah Looks so fun to be in your community!

    1. I'm so lucky so have such a funny group of girls to be with! I love my comm a lot ^^!

  3. Omg did you try the lavender jelly? I wonder what it tastes like :o

  4. Oooh you seem to have had such a great time! You all look so lovely...