Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lolita challenge 1: 10 things about your lolita bubble!

The first question of the challenge is to list ten things about your lolita bubble! I guess this means things about my lolita life, so here we go !!
1. If it wasn't obvious Angelic Pretty will always be my favourite brand. I love all the prints they have (bar a few ones but ehhhhh still AP!). I'm slowly on my way to collecting all their main pieces as well as accessories and sets - one day I will have them all! My other favourite brands are Emily Temple Cute and Milk.

Side note: Imai Kira is such an amazing artist !!

2. I started getting into lolita when I was a lot younger (around fourteen) when I added two girls on myspace that looked like dolls. I had no idea what the fashion was, but through social networking sites and blogging I started following j-fashion really closely  ~especially lolita~ and the street styles you find in Kera and Zipper magazines. From there I started dressing heavily influenced by those fashions, slowly working my way into lolita (because boy it can be expensive man) buying pieces here and there and now after  around four years of being an active lolita I've got quite a bit of a wardrobe ^___^!

3. I've found my closest and best friends through the community that I'm involved in. I've been a member for around three years now and I'm now a moderator of the Sydney community and I wouldn't change anything about any of the girls (and boys!) involved. It's such a tight knit group with welcoming, open minded and beautiful people everywhere you turn. There is such a range of lolita styles in the group including the main ones like sweet, classical and gothic but everybody is so diverse they jump from all of them mixing them up and just generally always looking so amazing! I feel so privileged to know these people and wouldn't know what I would do without them.

4. I have enough lolita pieces to make at least two outfits each week per year without repeating any skirts and dresses. It's kinda scary when I think about it. Actually it's really scary. I think it might be time for a clean out orz;;

5. My bedroom is a result of around five years of hoarding. I'm really bad when it comes to impulse buying and when it comes to anything Rilakkuma themed or pink or cute it goes straight in my shopping basket. It's now to the point where my bookshelves don't hold books anymore, they've been taken over by plush toys and trinkets >___<. Instead of having pictures on my walls I've had to hang dresses up because they don't fit in my wardrobe, and I also keep all tags, postcards, letters, pictures and posters that I get and stick them up where ever I can find a place they will fit.

These photos are around six months old, but I'm doing a room tour soon !!

6. I can't sew. I wish I could sew. I'm so jealous of those who can - there are quite a few girls that I know that can make their own dresses and accessories (including bonnets mannnn!) that are of such an amazing quality I'm always so shocked when they say it's hand made. I definitely would love to be able to make pieces of my own - I have them all in my head but when it comes to actually trying to use some kind of machine I don't think I would go very far considering I have trouble even stitching a button onto a shirt orz;;

7. I'm an avid fan of pink, brown and cream colourways always leading me into dressing in either the very sweet or classical sweet styles with a general theme of chocolate and food prints. I used to be very into the OTT sweet but generally I leave that for big events like conventions now, and dress in more of a casual otome or sweet for everyday wear and meets. Also I've got something against most sax and mint colourways of dresses. Don't ask why, but I really just don't like them >___<!

8. I still don't know how to work livejournal or the comm sales. I usually use the Facebook sales page or buy from friends - but I'm heavily addicted to mbok. The excitement that I get from stalking auctions and finding things that I want at super cheap prices. For example I won the Country of Sweets apron skirt for only $45, and got a Holy Night Story set complete with the mini hat for under $300 shipped. It's gotten to the point where they know me by name. Actually, so does my post man and local post office - they ask me what dress I've bought this time and even deliver to my work when I'm not home because they know I'm there.

9. One thing I love is that we always do different lolita meets. It ranges from high tea, get togethers, karaoke and cute and girly adventures all the way to bowling, pizza and cocktail nights. It's really awesome to have the best of both worlds - and it just goes to show that even though you may dress a certain way, that people are still people. It doesn't matter what you wear, what you do or what you like, you are still you and it's so cool to have an open minded group (wow that sounds so corny but it's true!!)

Derpy shot from the Misako Aoki tea party !!

10. I never wear bloomers. That's right - NEVERRRRRRR. They are the most uncomfortable things to ever exist and until someone shows me a pair that is more amazing than my Peter Alexander underwear  I will continue to never wear bloomers oh hohohohohoho~. Also blouses - sometimes it's so god damn hot here in Australia so they get ditched in a heartbeat and either replaced with a cutsew or not at all *evil grin*
That's all from me, if anybody else is doing or has done the lolita challenge please link it below so I can see yours too !!


  1. Hahaha this was really fun to read. I absolutely agree that AP is the best brand ever and good luck with collecting'em all. Number 4 is quite scary indeed! XD And your bedroom is ABSOLUTELY the most awesome lolita room that I've seen! Lots of AP and rilakkumas everywhere! ♥ *_*

    1. Yessssssssssssss forever AP! One day my bedroom will resemble a museum *cough* shrine *cough* to Angelic Pretty.
      Thank you! It's my little pink nest that I love to bits! ♥♥♥

  2. i wanna live under your bed, your room is so cute

    1. You have no idea how much I wanna be your room mate *___*!!

  3. You have just such a perfect wardrobe♥ And I'm really jealous on your great lolita community and your super kind delivery service *haha*
    I started with the Lolita Challenge too! Please have a look^___~