Friday, 31 January 2014

The Secret Life of the Lolita - Part two!

Hi guys !!
So, part two of the lolita documentary by Deerstalker Pictures has come out! This time it parodies the hierarchy amongst the lolita community by showing the different types of lolitas and how they fit in to the social order. 
I play the alpha lolita, Anna-chan is my brand minion, as well as the beautiful Kylie, Eleni, Audrey, Laura and Mel as our classic lolitas, ohhhhh and I can't forget my rival Victoria who plays the ita (complete with nyaa~ and cat paws!) ♥ ♥  !!
It was all filmed at Victoria's beautiful home and we all bought different sweet and savoury treats to make our own high tea for the filming (thank you Anna-chan's mum for the amazing pumpkin scones, I think I ate like eight orz;;). I think my favourite part is when Victoria walked down the stairs in full ita costume after being dressed so nicely in an Alice and the Pirates gothic co-ordinate, I couldn't stop laughing - then she bought out the cat paws and it just got even better hahahaha. Other highlights is Mel's scone drop, Laura's dayummm face and my petticoat wang ♥ ♥ 
A big thank you to Anna-chan for letting me borrow her Angelic Pretty Cat's Tea Party JSK set and Baby the Stars Shine Bright crown and sceptre - I'm now more determined than ever to actually buy that dress to be able to twin with her!
I hope you guys enjoy part two as much as I did being a part of the filming of it!
~until part three, see you sooooon~