Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Friends, picnics and vodkaaaa!

The other weekend was totally amazing! I finally got to meet Jack (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ !! 
He travelled from Adelaide to come and stay for a few days. We were meant to be going to the Super Junior Super Show but it got cancelled orz;; We were all really upset, but Jack had already booked his plane tickets so we decided to make the most of it!

I had to go and pick him up from the airport, but I didn't drive there because my gps was in my Mum's car and she locked her keys away in the safe because she was going overseas *sigghhhh* so I navigated around on trains. Dopey me decided to catch the wrong train home and we ended up going in the wrong direction ((((゜д゜;)))), but it was nice to sit and chat to get to know Jack a bit better( ´∀`)!
I decided to wear my Milky-chan skirt!

Once we finally got home I let Jack settle in for a little bit and get all organised, then I took him out for dinner + a bit of shopping. Then I picked up Kayte and she slept over for our "Lolita bender" hahahaha! We all pretty much crashed out - especially Jack because he had been travelling since ungodly hours of the morning (゜Д゜)!!

I had to wake up earlier to go to an exam while Jack and Kayte slept in *it was really hard to drag myself out of bed when they looked so comfortable and warm*. Everybody seemed to be in the city that day, I bumped into at least 18 people I knew it was totally crazy! Then again... it was Free Comic Book Day so why wouldn't you be there trying to get as many as possible!? I entered a competition for "Best Gothic Lolita" while I was scoping out Kinokuniya for comics and ended up winning a $100 voucher, yaaaaaay (^□^*) !! 
And of course obligatory purikura and claw machines.

We had lunch at Mappen/Oiden with a few of the loli girls! The food there is always so cheap and good *food swooonnn*~ Afterwards Kayte and I took Jack on a massive tour of all of the cute things in Sydney. We went into every single store I knew, but I think the best part was watching his face light up when he walked into Media Asia and was overwhelmed with ALL OF THE KPOPPPPP!! (so cuteeee). They were having a Super Junior marathon out of front of the store to mourn the death of the concert - a lot of people were standing there dancing and singing along to the songs while waving glowsticks around. 

After shopping always comes tea, and we took Jack to our favourite place to rest out feet and relax for a while.
Tea Salon menu and T2 'Honey Vanilla' tea in my new diffuser.

We ended up buying this really nice vanilla vodka!

Which resulted in this:

The next day we all felt fine surprisingly, just very tired from staying up till four o'clock in the morning dancing around to k-pop ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3, but we ventured back into the city for a lolita picnic - which gave Jack a chance to dress kodona for the first time! He looked so cuteeeee (//^∇^//)!

Kodona Jack on the trainnn!

We were very very late to the picnic which was a bit lame but that's okay because we still got to see everyone! Four of us ended up wearing Fantastic Dolly! It was so unexpected, hahaha ☆ (^-^)!! 
Here are some photos that were taken at the picnic.
We sat around for a bit and had some nibblies, but it was getting late and we were getting hungry and we all ended up at Mizuya. We got two hotpots, oh man so yummmmmmmmm! We also got edamame, sushi, onigiri, cocktails, cheese katsu, green tea ice cream and lots of different cocktails. It was a serious food overload but we finished it all \(◕ ◡ ◕\).

And of course we got purikura before we went home!

After a whole weekend of fun dropping Jack to the airport was really sad, but it's okay because I'm travelling to Adelaide in November so I'll get to see him again!

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PS: I got my exam marks back and I got 49/50 so I'm really happy!!


  1. waah! you guys look like you had heaps of fun in pretty pretty clothes XD and well done on your test~~

  2. best.weekend. ever. also the captcha for this was butrypt urfaster. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. wow! you look so cute *-* i like the clothes and your wigs <3