Monday, 23 January 2012

Emily Temple Cute!

A few hours after my Emily Temple Cute dress arrived, my new short wavy blonde wig came! It was only fifteen dollars, and it's really lovely quality for the price I payed (✿ ♥‿♥). The only criticisms I have is that it was quite shiny ~so I powdered it~ and that it's a bit thin at the back and in the fringe~but I was expecting that~.

The fibres haven't settled from being in packaging so I have to wear it side swept instead of being a front fringe until I style and sit it properly. It's very very close to my hair colour at the moment, but I liked it because it's pre-styled and it's very hard to get my hair to curl in like this (´~`). I think it's going to be really really pretty for more casual lolita co-ordinates and for a more classic look.

Here are some photos I took after I tried it on but then needed to put an outfit together to see it in action hehehe >:] They've got quite a vintage feel, I really enjoy it!

Neutral and vintage outfit rundown:
Dress: Emily Temple Cute
Accessories: Little Japan, Vintage.
Bag: Vintage
Frill Socks: Target (not pictured)
Shoes: Offbrand (not pictured)

I really like this co-ordinate *____*! I can't wait to wear it out properly!

Mood: Pleased
Listening to: 우주보다 좋아해 -Donawhale


  1. you have such a cute blog and you are really pretty:)

  2. I love that co-ord too! For being so cheap, that wig looks fantastic!

  3. Oh my gosh, that wig is so cute for the price O c O I bet once you style it it'll look even better!

  4. you look so lovely, i'm following :3