Thursday, 26 January 2012

Another frilly outing~

On Tuesday I needed to venture into the city to get my Big Day Out tickets~ so instead of just going in for a while only to get those, Kayte, Mina and I decided to go on a mini shopping adventure while we were there (´∀`) .

We were all really really hungry when we first got there, and so we went and had udon for breakfast *naughty* and it was so yum. The tempura prawn was good as always, and I tried a tempura sweet potato which was really odd ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶. After filling our bellies, we made our way through China Town down towards Market City walking into every shop on the way. The staff in Morning Glory know us now and we always have conversations with them about our "pretty dresses" and how we look like "gorgeous princesses" ahahaha (ノ´∀`*)! Kayte even has a pretend boyfriend, he he he he. There was a really cute bear display there so we took photos *evil face*
Because it's still in the middle of Chinese New Year celebrations there were lots of shops closed but that's okay because the massive Chinese dragon made up for it. I've never actually seen one so big -  there were four people just in the bottom of the head and a million people behind it. The mouth was moving and the eyelashes were also blinking, it was totally neat, especially put together with all of the drumming and war cries. Ohhh, and they also let off a million firework thingys and it was really loud but really fun.

When we got into Market City we went to Easy Way and got teaaaa. They're having a buy one get one free deal so we got vouchers for it wa heyyyyyy!  Thennnn I took Kayte to Little Japan because she hasn't been there before. I bought a few more things while I was there too; a strawberry pillow, a new medical eyepatch, and a car drink holder because Jackson has been complaining that I don't have one (⊙▂⊙✖ ) . 

We went and had a look around a few other cute stores and then made a bathroom stop~

The boy in the Market City Morning Glory was so cute. He was playing k-pop ballads really loudly and singing at the top of his lungs while going around and fixing things. He wasn't the best singer in the world but he was really enjoying it, it was lovely to see we all just wanted to hug him (♥◡♥ )!! Eee, and there was also this lipstick there that came in all different colours like black, green, pink and purple but when you actually applied it, it was pink. Mind. Blown.

After that we went and picked up my ticket, and then headed to QVB and The Galleries to have a snoop around all of the shops there. We went into the Missha shop and swooned over BB creams, then ran into Manne and stopped for a chat before heading into T2 to taste and smell all of the teaaaaa. I got a sample of a tea blend called "Toasted Nougat". It smelt so yummy, but when I got home and made it up it turned out to be super weak even after infusing it for a bazillion minutes. Mina had to go home, so Kayte and I continued our QVB adventure until our feet got sore so we just went home (@ ̄ρ ̄@) .

And now, I will leave you with the best photo of the day; Kayte with a giant cigarette plushie! Ahahahahahaha!

Mood: Incredibly sleepy and hoping the rain clears before tomorrow
Listening to: Jackson play Skyrim; FUS RO DAH!!

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  1. It feels a little bit weird seeing photos of you at places I've been! Really hope I get to meet you sometime.