Sunday, 29 January 2012

Organising success and computer fail (>__<)!!

Today I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition again with my brother because he didn't get to go with me last time (~__~). Even though it was my second time going, it was still as amazing as the first time and I really really enjoyed it and so did he ~but that's probably because we're both massive Potterheads, oh hohohoho~ n___n!! 
They were sold out of Ravenclaw scarves in the Magical Menagerie at the end, but my brother is much more like a Slytherin so I bought him one of those instead *evil face*. In fact, I think he is so Slytherin that the Sorting Hat wouldn't even have to go on his head to figure out what house he would belong in. Oh, and I also bought some more chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts~

Then of course I took my brother around to all of my favourite shops and places to have a look *\(^w^)/*!! He pretty much died when we walked into Media Asia because of the wall of anime they had. I ended up buying him some new iPod cases from the markets and other little goodies we came across inside the storesss.
During our shopping, I visited Morning Glory again to have a chat to the staff; I can see an awesome friendship building (/*3*)/, hahahaha! They're all so nice, I wish I could speak Korean so I could get a job there *A*!!

I bought myself a super huge Korilakkuma iPhone case as well as Korilakkuma iPhone skin set ~for the front and back~ that I'm going to put on when I get a new screen protector *____*!! It's fake but I couldn't help but buy it because it's so cuteeeeeee.

While shopping I came across these really neat socks and underwear dividers so I bought two of each because my draws were a disorganised overflowing mess ~much like the rest of my room orz;;~.
I have so much stuff that I've had to squish it all in the sides and the back of my drawers *sigh*; so I'll definitely go back and get some more for the rest of it! It's so much easier to select and locate things now (*__*)!

Buttttt, not all is good and exciting news waaaaaaaaa :@@@@@@! My Macbook Air has decided it doesn't want to work anymore so I don't have access to my laptop *cry cry*. All of my photos, videos, music, and memories are on that computer and I hope it isn't a major issue  ~thank god most of my anime is on my hard drive though~ . I think it's just the charger that isn't working but I have to take it into the Apple Store on Tuesday to see if they can fix it ( ; _ ; ). For the moment I'm using my iMac but it's just not the sameeeeeeeeee.

Mood: Sad but happy but still sad.
Listening to: Lost Woods - Zelda Reorchestrated.


  1. I love the Korilakkuma case! I bought myself a Rilakkuma one for my ipod ^.^
    I can´t wait for your letter!

    P.S: found your tumblr because you´re still folowing me hehehehehe *evil laugh* >:]

    1. I just got a new writing set so except one soooooon~!!
      I bought two new Rilakkuma cases too, I'm just waiting for them in the mail at the moment *nod nod*.

      Ahahaha you sneaky sneaky >:]!!

  2. I wish I could go to that Harry Potter exhibit!! Those sectionals are handy. My drawers are so cluttered! Oh no hope your macbook gets back to working :(

    1. It's totally awesomeee, but I wish I could go to the Harry Potter worldy thing in America. It's my dream *A*!!!
      I know right, and they were only $2.80 each so I was so happy to find them. Now that I've organised two drawers, I want to buy organisers for everything in my room, hahahahaha *sigh*!!

      Me too, I hope it's just the charger and nothing is wrong with the computer!

  3. When the Harry Potter exhibit was in Chicago I wanted to go so badly but couldn't :( It sounds amazing! Also, I wish they had stores like the one's you shop at here, but the only cute one is Sanrio and that's 30 minutes away (´ヘ`;)

    1. Aww lame lame!
      I have to travel to get to cute stores too, but it's totally worth it ヽ(;▽;)ノ!!

  4. we have so many of the same socks and underwear is unnerving!

    1. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Oh my god that's totally creepy in a cool way, ehehehe!