Thursday, 18 September 2014

Loyal Rosette unboxing video!

I've collaborated with the wonderful Deerstalker Pictures to bring you more lolita goodness through the power of video blogs !! As well as my normal written blogs and photo diaries, expect to see more lolita related videos on their second channel focused on lolita fashion.

My first video is an unboxing of Angelic Pretty's new print Loyal Rosette.
It's such a beautiful dress, I'm really loving the new prints and syles Angelic Pretty is bringing out this season.

Coordinate rundown:
Dress: Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette JSK
Jacket: Innocent World Napoleon coat
Blouse: Yolanda three quarter sleeve
Socks: Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette series
Shoes: An*tai*na gold tea parties
Headbow: Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette series
Accessories: Offbrand

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  2. I would love to see an unboxing of your new chocolate ap dress >w<

  3. Your outfit looks amazing !!!

  4. Your right, it is a beautiful dress ^_^ and it looks just stunning on you!