Friday, 4 July 2014

Fancy Dinner Party at Victoria's!

Last weekend a few of my close friends and I went to a dinner party at Victoria's house and it was beautiful. The night was spent playing pool, chatting and eating the delicious food she had put so much effort into and I can tell you my stomach has never been happier.

I also got to wear one of my new Angelic Pretty dresses that I recently got which ended up being a good choice because it's really roomy and I could fit so much more in my stomach, he he he he.
Coordinate rundown:
Dress: Angelic Pretty, Royal Unicorn Gobelin OP
Headbow: Angelic Pretty, Royal Unicorn Gobelin
Tights: Angelic Pretty, Musee du Chocolat series
Accessories: Angelic Pretty spoon necklace, taobao bows and brooch
Bag: Angelic Pretty three way bag replica from Taobao
Shoes: Offbrand

Also yes I do look like a midget in my outfit shots because my derpy brother doesn't understand camera but that's okay !!
From left down, then across: Victoria, Cathal, Laura, Holly, Goldie, Sophia, Maya, Jess and Elyse.
Most of my night was honestly spent taking stupid selfies with everybody in between meals and filling my wine glass maybe a little too much... I didn't even get a photo of the meal so I've stolen this picture from Goldie's instagram (@vysanthe) of all of the courses + the table setting.
Victoria took a lot of care to make sure that each dish was edible by everybody because we have a lot of people with dietary requirements in our group - so it was all organic, lactose, nut and gluten free (unless you wanted to add it in yourself once it was served).
We had pumpkin soup with greek yoghurt, slow roast with the most amazing vegetable selection ever as well as edible flowers, and then Goldie made us all chocolate fondant for dessert because she's our star dessert wizard.
From left across, and then down: Group photo, Annette, Dan and Mel, Elliot, silly photos in the middle, April, Meg, Elyse and Nicole, and then some signs we had too much wine.
At the end of the night we gave both Victoria and Goldie little gifts as a thank you for having us, and also a big thank you to Victoria's sisters who helped out with cooking and serving food for the night too !!
Everybody looked so lovely and classy, I can't wait to see them all again at the huge picnic meet up our community is having soon.


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