Friday, 20 June 2014

Things I'm waiting on in the mail!

I've been searching for some cute princess style underwear for a while and I have finally found some! I was only allowed to buy five sets though so I really had to narrow it down and it was really hard because they were all so cute man *___* !!
I also found these pink sparkly winter boots to keep my feet warm, ahhhh they're so cute!
I'll have to post pictures of everything when they arrive and give them a bit of a review.


  1. Those underwear sets are gorgeous - I especially love the first one! Where are they from?

  2. *heavy breathing* Ohmygoddess, I have to second that question, where did you find these underwear sets?

  3. Never have I ever wanted to go out and buy underwear in my life.. Until I saw this.

  4. Guysssss, about the underwear sets they're all from taobao ^^! But I think you can find them on ebay!