Thursday, 1 May 2014

Easter scavenger hunt!

Last weekend I organised an Easter scavenger hunt for the Sydney Lolita community!
I had groups running around the city frantically taking photos of things and ticking them off their activity lists in order to win first place to get all the goodies (while I sat there and guarded *cough* ate *cough* all the picnic food ~not really just the cheese~).
It took a whole week of prepping, and I was also busy running around finalising plans that morning so I didn't have the most extravagant coordinate of the day but it was chocolate themed to match my diet over the easter period !! Here are some photos (including a selfie with Laura)♥♥♥ ~
Coordinate rundown:
Beret: Angelic Pretty - Musee du Chocolat series
Hair accessories: Angelic Pretty, Offbrand
Blouse: Amavel "Tea Party"
Dress: Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate "Jabot style" JSK
Socks: Angelic Pretty Royal Queen OTKs
Shoes: Antaina tea parties
Accessories: Swimmer, offbrand
When everybody arrived I put them all into groups, explained the rules and then gave them their maps and scavenger activity lists so they could figure out a game plan for the next two and a half hours !! I did this meet as a team and friendship building activity and it definitely worked - it was really nice to see everybody getting along and having so much fun being silly around the city.
Here are some of my lovely groups with their amazing team names:
"Phallus and the Pirates"
"HORREEEEEEH!!!!! (must be yelled) ..... and friends"
I didn't get a photo of all of the groups on the day because we had a few latecomers and then had to rush around to stay on schedule, but they also looked lovely and were too busy thinking of a game plan to get a photo taken! (Plus I was probably off somewhere having a stress attack as per usual, hahahaha)

Here were the amazingly made lists and map that everybody had on the day! Click the images for a larger version to see the activities they had to do ♥♥♥~

Bonus unplanned Chess Chocolate twinning photo:
After the scavenge everybody sat down to have a picnic lunch, enter the raffles and play lolita trivia. It was really awesome watching everybody play "name the print" and "who am i?" with famous lolita faces as well as thinking really hard about lolita related facts and knowledge. Up for raffle we had a handmade biker jacket by Grimm Sugar, two vouchers for Rouge Aerie Designs, and a Lief Regimental OP and beret set !! I wanted everything for myself ahhhhhhhh~
Of course group photos (normal and derp mode):
All the minor winners got a whole bag of cadbury chocolates and either a swimmer or a chocomint accessory from Electric Alice (Meg)- it was kinda a big lucky dip but also a thank you for participating.

For the major winners I was lucky enough to have donations from Electric Alice again, Artificial Sweetener Cosmetics (Kylie), Honey Flavour (Jess), Max Brenner chocolate (Sharon), art books featuring art by Jinberry (Regine), Lucie Tea (Lucie) and Lapin Fou Fou (Aurelia) !! Also included were chocolates and cute trinkets like eyelash cases, tea cups and stickers.

The raffle donators were Rouge Aerie Designs (Kate), Lief (Sora & JiEun) and Grimm Sugar Designs (April)!
*please click all their names to check out their stores and artwork*
A picture of the prizes, and our winning team - Glitterotica!
I would also like to say a big thank you to Holly for designing the map and activity list, Laura for helping organise the raffle and carrying heavy things, Maya for helping me with the planning of the meet, Sophia for being on picnic crew duty with me, Meg and Jess for keeping my stress levels down and bringing me coffee, Goldie for not noticing me eating half of the food she made, and everybody that came along and got involved making this one of the best meets ever.

I made everybody upload all of their scavenger photos into a group album on our community Facebook page and they're absolutely hilarious. There are so many amazing and cute photos as well as funny ones that make up some awesome memories from the day. I really wish I could of been there with them! 
It was such a success I've been asked to do it as an annual meet which is gonna be so fun! I'm looking forward to next year !!


  1. Wooow this game is genious and you put so much effort into it, I'm thrilled! It really looks like all of you had a lot of fun :)

    1. Thank you! It took so much planning but it was so worth it in the end <3!

  2. I saw the team "Glitterotica" and started freaking out and fangirling cause yah know.....The last time I saw a lolita in the flesh was when I saw you last year, You were wearing sugary carnival.

    1. Oh really!? That's so awesome!
      Ahhhhhh I can only remember one time I've worn that dress I must of been going to a university lecture!