Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert in Sydney!

On Sunday I went to the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert that was held in Sydney as part of her Nanda tour and it was the only show she held in Australia! When I first found out she was coming I absolutely lost my marbles and stalked the ticket page as soon as they were released so I could definitely go. Nearly all of my friends were there, as well as interstate friends that I haven't seen in ages or haven't met in person before and it was just so awesome to catch up with everybody !!
I really wanted to wear something other than lolita, and came up with the idea to cosplay Kyary from her Glico pudding ad that she did a while ago (because I've always wanted a pudding hat *A*)!! I can't sew at all myself, so my beautiful friend Laura helped me make the whole costume from scratch and she sewed both mine and hers in two days. All I could make was the hat and the buttons, hahahaha. She wore the Furisodeshon dress, and printed all the fabrics and made the dress patterns and designs herself - she's seriously one talented girl man. She actually won the #kyaryfy contest and got a CD for being so amazing looking.
You can find Laura's blog *here* and follow her on instagram *here* !!
From left to right: Eleni, Laura, Elyse, Me, Goldie, Maya, Elliot, Sharon, Audrey and Meg.
Laura and I headed to line up around 2pm even though the concert started at 7pm and derped around entertaining ourselves while everybody else rocked up and joined in the derps.  We were interviewed for SBS Pop Asia, The ABC as well as Kyary's personal documentary team and media friends which was really exciting (and she's probably going to be a bit freaked out when she gets to the "do you have a message for Kyary" bit and I asked her to marry me) oh hohohohoho~
Our Ellen DeGeneres oscars photo!
Amanda was lovely enough to let me use her photos that she took on the day on my blog! Please find hers located *here* !!
Featured in these photos while everybody else is MIA or derping elsewhere: Skyye, Nicole, Laura, Amanda, Maya, Eleni, Goldie, Audrey, Elliot, Annette, and Kathleen.
Out of all the concerts I've been too, it's definitely one of the biggest highlights for me because of the amazing performances, quirky costumes and stage set up, and the stage presence of Kyary herself with her intense and super talented dancers (except for the creepy rabbit bear man thing, please never visit my dreams or they will turn to nightmares). Fashion Monster, Invader Invader and Ninja Re Bang Bang were my favourite songs of the night. She encored with Candy Candy, read a little English speech before she debuted Family Party, and took a photo with the crowd at the end which was so cute. Throughout the whole concert she taught you dance moves or made you do certain actions for the songs she was performing so it was super fun to be able to get involved.

I was so tired afterwards that I headed straight home and crashed in bed orz;; I was also so derpy that when I ran through the door of the concert I forgot to buy a Kyary t-shirt and now I'm sad *A*!!!


  1. This was fun to read! I'm going to her concert in London (all the way from Ireland) at the end of April so it's good to get an idea of how it is. I will watch out for the the creepy rabbit bear man thing. I love the Ellen Oscar photo too, very funny :-D Pity you didn't get a t-shirt, I'm looking forward to the merchandise part, I could pick you up one if you like? I guess they'd be the same tshirts for the whole tour?

    1. Oh man that's a bit of a way to travel to see her! But it's definitely worth it ♥ ♥ ♥ !!
      I'm not sure if it changes depending on where she performs, but it's such an amazing performance with a lot of intensity and things to look at - plus it's so well executed!

      Ahahahahaha thank you! It's so hard to squeeze so many people into one photo >___< ~~

      Yeah I was really sad. T-shirts were around $40 each, but I was reading here http://kyary.asobisystem.com/english/goods/ and each concert has different merchandise and you only find out once you're inside to see it. I would love that! Especially if she sold the pink ones at your show! We had mint ones that aren't shown on the website there but I'm super jealous of some of the ones listed.

      If you are able to find out before hand what style of merchandise will be sold at your concert please let me know so I can send you money if you're still happy to get me one ♥ ♥ ♥ I would appreciate that so much! Otherwise I'm going to stalk eBay for merch hehehehehe.

    2. Ahh I hadn't seen that link before, the merch looks so good! If you want to send me the list from that site of what tshirts you like, if I see one of them I can buy it for you, you can pay me after. It's no bother, just email me at info[st]cutetravels.com because I sometimes don't notice blog replies.

    3. Oops, I replied to this but it seems to have vanished! Just send me links to the t-shirts you like and if I see them I can pick one up, you can pay me after, it's no bother! My email is info[at]cutetravels.com

  2. I am not a fan of her music or looks, yes I know I know (not very popular opinion but its the truth)... I like my cute stuff quiet, stuff to look at if that makes any sense? I'm a bit darker when it comes to music but I love the love and friendship that comes out of this post and I like that you are all able to wear such wacky stuff, like one would in carnival or something. This post is bright and happy. <3

    1. I think everybody has different tastes and styles and it's okay to not like what someone else may think is awesome :) It's what makes us all individuals!

      I'm glad you still enjoyed my post! I had a wonderful time with my friends as this concert because we were all together and were able to have an amazing time. I also love the fact that we were able to all dress up and express ourselves ♥ ♥ !!

      Thank you for reading my post!