Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back to blogging with highlights of 2013!

Wowww, it's been an extremely long time since I've blogged, huh. I looked back over this the other day and was like man, I wish I was still doing posts! So I've given my blog a bit of an overhaul and plan to do at least a weekly post starting with some of my favourite moments from the past year.
Look out for outfit posts, wardrobe gets and general lolita hoarding and nonsense !!

Mercedes had her annual tea party and it was gorgeous as always, with beautiful hand made sweets and  nibblies and of course the beautiful girls in my community (oh, and elliot hahahaha!). 
I twinned the Viege Vampur Mealtime OP with Juliette!
I also had the chance to model Haenuli's new print The Littlest Prince for a fashion film which turned extremely derpy in the end.
For my birthday we all went bowling and pancakes nomming!
But the most exciting thing was modelling for Misako Aoki at the Japanese Matsuri Festival with Xylia and the tea party the next day with Misako as the special guest! She was so cute and lovely to be around and it was such an amazing experience to meet her (definitely every Lolita's dream!) There were over seventy lolitas at the tea party and it's the biggest meet I've ever been to.

I know this is a super short post but I am very excited to be back to blogging! Until next timeeee~


  1. I am so happy you are back blogging!! ^-^ Your blog is one of my favourites :D x

    1. Ahhhhh thank you! That means a lot to me <3!! I'm happy to be back too!