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Sheep Garden: Real vs. Replica review!

Hellloooo ヾ(´・ω・`) !

I recently bought Angelic Pretty's 'Sheep Garden tiered JSK', but I also bought the replica dress made by Dream of Lolita. I really wanted to see how they compared to each other in terms of quality and detail, and I thought that other people might be interested as well so I've decided to do a little review (≧◡≦). Some of my comments may be a bit obvious or nitpicky, but I just want to do the best review possible and point out what I can ~since it's my first review everrrr~.

You can click any of the pictures to make them larger and see the detailing!

The first difference I noticed between the two dresses was the changes in colour. The original Angelic Pretty dress *which is always pictured in the left of all of my photos* is in the beige colourway, where as Dream of Lolita *which is always pictured in the right of all my photos* described their dress as being in a yellow colourway.

Here is a full view shot of each dress. There are a few noticeable differences;
  • The length of the replica is slightly shorter.
  • The panels of fabric used for the tiers are different lengths and sizes (notably the final panel with the sheep print).
  • The lace around the bottom of the dress is of a higher quality on the Angelic Pretty dress (but this was to be expected, however I was really pleased with the fact that Dream of Lolita decided to use a strawberry print lace to try and be as accurate as possible).
  • The bodice detailing of the replica is larger in proportion and slightly inaccurate.

I've had a few issues with Dream of Lolita in the past, but this is one of their better replicas and I'm really happy with it. The quality of their material is surprisingly nice too! It doesn't feel plastic-y or crumply, and it doesn't crease when you sit or fold it because the material is quite soft and of higher quality than some of the other materials they have chosen to use. It is however a lot thinner than the Angelic Pretty dress.
They have included the back shirring, as well as a small inbuilt petticoat on the inside of the replica as well which gives the dress a bit more form and shape when worn.

I took some close up photos of the bodices to show their differences:
  • The neck ties are thin and round on the replica, compared to being flat and wide. Ironing the replica straps would make them more like the original.
  • The neck ties are detachable on the Angelic Pretty dress, where as they are sewn onto the replica dress.
  • The shoulder straps are noticeably thicker on the replica, and again they can be detached at the back on the Angelic Pretty dress, where as they have been sewn onto the Dream of Lolita dress so you cannot adjust or unbutton them.
  • The lace used for the detailing on the replica is thicker and of much poorer quality, but has been placed accurately.
  • The bow at the top is sewn on and puffed out on the Angelic Pretty dress, but on the Dream of Lolita dress, the bow is thin, slightly larger, and slides around.
  • The pleats on the replica are thicker.
  • The ribbon sash on the Angelic Pretty dress is shorter in length with a satin backing and cut on an angle with lace detailing on the ends. Dream of Lolita's sash is longer and stretchy, and cut straight across with no lace detailing.

A main difference that I spotted was the ribbon and lace detailing on main part of the dress. Angelic Pretty have used a small satin ribbon in a beige colour on a thin lace background to accent the dress, but Dream of Lolita have chosen to use a thick cheap looking lace with a big patterned ribbon in a pink colour. It doesn't look entirely bad and it does stick to the colours and aesthetic of the dress, but I prefer the original because it is more of a subtle detail that just makes the dress a little bit more nice.

One thing that Dream of Lolita did wonderfully was the replication of the print. The only difference is that the colours are more vibrant and not as sharp and clean cut as the Angelic Pretty print, and the replica's print is slightly larger in size. I was really surprised when I took a close look at it though, there is only a minimal amount of colour bleeding around the sheep's legs from the green strawberry patches.

Overall, I am really really happy with the replica! I would suggest for anybody to buy it if they like this particular print but cannot find the real one or just want to buy the replica instead because it's so expensive, ehehe (*≧▽≦). Dream of Lolita do three versions; the JSK, the tiered JSK, and the OP, as well as doing it in all of the colourways so there are a few ones to choose from.

I hope you enjoyed my review, any feedback would be lovely because I don't know if I should do any more in the future, ahaha!

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  1. Great review!! How long did it take for the replica to arrive?

    1. Thank you (✿ ♥‿♥) !!
      I did it as part of a group order, so I had to wait two - three months for it to be made and sent over, but they're stocking it now so it would be around a month because of shopping services (︶ω︶)!

    2. Oh i see~ I was thinking of getting a OP straight from Dream of Lolita because my aunty is in China atm ;)

  2. Good review ^-^ It looks like a nice replica despite the ribbon details (*゚ロ゚) .
    I bought Little Bears Cafe but I haven´t got it yet. I heard the fabric is thicker and better than a lot of DOL´s replicas *fingers crossed*

    And yesss do more reviews!

    1. Eeee, thank you (^□^*) !
      Oooo, yes! I have the Dream of Lolita version of Little Bears Cafe and it's really lovely. It's another one of their good replicas, but I still want the Angelic Pretty one *swoon swoon*

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