Thursday, 23 February 2012

I'm in love with Chess Chocolate!

 I've always been a big strawberry print person, but after Angelic Pretty released their new chocolate themed range(s), I've been wanting them so much ( ≖‿≖).  Everything was instantly added to my wishlist and I'm going to have some self control over my spending *hopefully* so I can eventually own all of the pieces for a super chocolate co-ord!

Chess Chocolate half bonnet and headbow
Chess Chocolate jumperskirt with jabot
Chess Chocolate embroidery emblem blouse
Chocolate Tiara embriodery knit cardigan
Chocolatier Blouse
Royal Chocolate over knee socks
 Royal Queen over the knee socks
 Shiny Ribbon 3way bag and Melty Chocolate bag

Good luck, bank account!
Mood: Wishing I had infinite money :@@@@!
Listening to: Kinjirareta Asobi - Rozen Maiden soundtrack


  1. omg the chocolatier blouse and the purses ;o;o;o; so nice ;o;o;o;

    1. I knowww *________* ughhhhhhhhhhh so much need!

  2. Chess Chocolate is so gorgeous and the accessories are so cute! *_*
    I hope you can get it one day and make a chocolate coord, it'd look so yummy~

  3. Hi darl, thought you might like to know that there is a Ivory Chess Chocolate OP on the egl comms sales atm! I don't know whether it's anything useful or whether it has been bought yet but I thought I'd give you the link anyway!
    (scroll down, it's under reductions!)

    1. I actually just bought the brown jabot jsk last night n____n!
      Thank you for the link though! *love*