Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Etude House: SHINee ~special edition~ review!

This is probably the most excited I have been in a long timeeeeee. My Shini Star make up just arrived at my house *swoon swoon* (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧!! I'm a massive fan of k-pop ~especially SHINee oh my goodness~ and when I found out that Etude House had released a special edition range in collaboration with them I died and bought the whole set right then and there, haha!

The whole range includes:
  •  A clear BB lotion with SPF20/PA++ (30g)
    • The Shini Star whitening BB cream is a light moisturising foundation that promotes a moist, brightened and natural look.
      It gets rid of excess sebum and covers blemishes without drying, leaving skin even-toned and soft.
      It has a special oatmeal formula which soothes and softens the skin, to help stimulate the growth of healthy tissue. It also has colostrum extract that protects the skin from dehydration without irritating it, and helps prevent the loss of moisture in the skin cell layer to maintain bright healthy skin.

      *It is free of parabens, ethanols, mineral oils, and benzophenone.
  • Two clear powder compacts (11g)
    • The Shini Star clear powder compact is a pressed powder that subdues facial oil to promote soft, luminous skin. It comes in two different colours: 1# peach, and 2# lavender. The peach is for a "normal everyday look", where as the lavender is for a "special finish".
      It includes a colostrum extract that protects the skin from dehydration without irritating it, and helps prevent the loss of moisture in the skin cell layer to maintain bright healthy skin.

      *It is free of parabens, ethanols, mineral oils, and benzophenone.
  • Five colour tinted lip balms (9g)
    • This Shini Star lip balm range helps heal and repair dry, cracked lips leaving them soft and smooth. They come in a natural colour range which leaves a tint of colour on the lips, as well as having a sweet scent. 
      Each member has their own lip balm:
      1# Onew - Peach with a brighter pink tint
      2# Jonghyun - Grapefruit with a light orange tint
      3# Key - Passionfruit with a light pink tint
      4# Minho - Cherry with a dark pink tint
      5# Taemin - Guava with a baby pink tint
      There is the member's autograph at the bottom of the pot, so as you use the lip balm it will slowly be revealed.
The products that I bought are the lip balm in #5 Taemin, the clear compact in #2 Lavender and the BB cream.

The BB cream:
I've never bought a BB cream before because none of them have ever been light enough for my pale complexion, but I decided to try this one out because it was "whitening" which means it would have to accommodate for already pale skin - and it most definitely did! 

The colour of the BB cream itself is yellow toned, but once rubbed in it matches my pink toned skin perfectly. I find I don't need to moisturise underneath it because it's rich and creamy, and leaves my skin really soft and nice. I also noticed it has a sweet smell to it as well, I want to eat my face!
The BB cream covers redness and imperfections without making you look like you should be on display in a cake shop. The coverage it gives is not 100% porcelain and flawless like my other foundation, but I wasn't expecting that because I just wanted a light everyday foundation that I could "slap on" so to speak. I am sure you could achieve a porcelain look by using a mass amount of this cream, but I wouldn't recommend it. 

The compact powder:
I decided to buy the powder in the #2 Lavender colour because I found the peach to look quite tan/yellow-based and that wouldn't suit my skin tone at all. It would be perfect for anybody who doesn't have the skin the same colour as a ghost.

It's a cute little small compact, and it includes a little puff which makes it easy to apply. The Lavender colour was nice and light with a subtle shimmer in it for that "special look". It settled into my skin really well, and left it smooth and soft. It also took away any shininess from my t-zone and cheeks which is what I worry about most.

The lip balm:
Since Taemin is my ultimate k-pop bias I had to buy his choice of the lip balm. It wasn't even put into question, I needed it hahaha! I've been using it since I got it because it's really nice... and Taemin is all over my lips...

The lip balm is a cute subtle pink colour which is nice for a natural look or everyday wear. It gives a really nice pearly gloss shine without being sticky and tacky, and it's also made my lips really soft which is a big plus! My favourite part about it is the flavour and scent though - it smells incredibly sweet and it lingers on your lips when you apply it. All in all it's just a really nice lip balm, and it's inexpensive for the quality it is.

 In celebration of buying the SHINee range, I had to buy a pair of Taemin socks! What's better than having your bias on your feet!? Yeahhhhhhh.

I hope you liked my review! Please leave any feedback or questions you may have about it *__*!
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  1. Aaah! They look so amazing! I'd love to try the B.B Cream!!! *goes on a hunt for these products* ^^;

    And those socks, adorable~ ♥

    1. Yes yes get it >:]!!
      They're on ebay and are super inexpensive so definitely try them!

    2. Aaah! I just purchased them last night on ebay!!! I cannot wait to get them! *dances*

  2. This makes me so excited to get my lip balm in the post! I wonder if I should get the bb cream, I´m dead pale too >_<
    Gahh come to me Taemin socks come to meee

    1. Eeeee, yaaaaaay! Did you get Taemin too ψ(`∇´)ψ !?
      Yeah, it's really hard when you're pale to get nice foundations and creams, if you get stuck it's always there to buy!
      Eheehehhee my taemin socks >:]

    2. Of course (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~~♡!
      I´m planning to buy a Onew tshirt because he´s my second bias and Taemin´s tshirt is yellow >_<
      And I know! I can never find one that suits my skin colour so I should get that bb cream hehehe

  3. Ahh Minho's lip balm flavor is cherry? I need it! Plus he's my favorite ^_^

  4. This may seem like a silly question, but does the lavender powder look natural on? My skin has a slight yellow tint and I know lavender should balance that out but I'm worried it will make me look grey and sickly xD.

    1. It looks really natural on. I think it's one of my favourite powders that I own. It balances out any redness as well as making the skin tone nice and even, and it removes any shiny-ness as well.
      it's so nice!