Thursday, 19 January 2012

Strawberries, macarons and lots of frills!

My good friend Kayte and I decided to have a loli shopping day (^_−)−☆ !! Kayte's never worn lolita before, but she's always been super supportive of me and has been there to help me with important loli decisions (ie. what dress do I buy?!). She's one of my most treasured friends and now I'm getting sappy eeeeeeeeee, but I think I've swayed her to buy her first dress he he he he (ʘ‿ʘ).

Super pink and sweet co-ord run downs:
Dresses: Angelic Pretty (Dreaming of Macaron OP and Milky Berry JSK)
Headbows: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, San-x, Chocomint
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Antaina
Bags: Angelic Pretty

In the car we blasted Super Junior's "Mr Simple" album as well as 2NE1's first album and it was amazing hahaha~
When we got into the city we got Purikura first o(≧o≦)o!! Then we realised that our stomaches were actually yelling at us from being so hungry so we went to Mappen and got soba noodles. It was really hot in there, but the tempura prawn I had as a side dish made up for it because it was really yummy.

Thennnn, the shopping began (~~⊙ヮ⊙)~~ !!
We went and visited Rong Bao Tang first and swooned over our kpop biases, oh hohohoho~ I laughed at Kayte most of the time because she was dying over TOP posters and BIG BANG merchandise. Then again, I saw Taemin posters and went googly eyed  ╮(─▽─)╭. We both then looked at dramas and animes but talked each other out of buying everything. Ooo, then we went into the pink shop next door. I'm not sure of the name, but I just know it as the pink shop with all of the cute creams and makeups. I love everything in there, and I was tempted to buy it alllllllllll. I had to pull Kayte out of the door before she bought all of their eyelashes and creams.

The best part of the shopping trip was my trip to the shop that sells all Sanrio and San-x merchandise... which means a lot of Rilakkuma ψ(`∇´)ψ!! Every time I walk in they have new things and I just want to live in there *sighhhhh*. I ended up buying a Rilakkuma seat pillow and a cute little air freshener for my car. They were sold out of the matching Korilakkuma seat pillows so I'm just going to get one off the internet to go on my passenger seat, yaaaaaay. From there Kayte and I walked into Morning Glory and chatted with the shop staff about dressing like "strawberry cake princesses". They were really nice and gave us a discount and walked us out the door which was really sweet! We also looked in all of the Japanese cosmetic stores and mentally remembered things we want to buy and look up reviews of online so we can get them the next time we're in.

Our last shop was "Lush" the beauty shop and we chatted with the girls for ages about fashion and their beauty products. They're all organic and 100% handmade, and they smell so amazing  (ノ´∀`*). I've been meaning to go there for ages to get their lip scrub. I'll be doing a review and spotlight on it in a later blog post, so keep a look out >:]!! Kayte got a scrub and a mask as well, and she said the mask made her skin really soft and didn't irritate it at all.


When we got home, we got changed out of our frilly layers and went to a local Thai restaurant for dinner.  I brought my brother and his friends along so they could go to the arcade while we ate - and of course my brother comes back out with a giant Totoro that he's won on a claw machine (;´Д`).
Totoro sat with us as we ate dinner, and when we finished Kayte and I went to the arcade too to find everybody playing racing games and my brother busting moves on Dance Dance Revolution. The tappy hand music game thing was there too that I love, so I made them put credits on it for me >:]

Before it got too late we left and I dropped everybody home. When I got to Kayte's house she had a present for me and guhhhhh everything in it was so cute. I couldn't get a proper photo of it, but there was a cake sponge, a banana sponge, amazing falsh eyelashes, a writing set, a memo pad, and a bear purse. I just need buy the perfect present for her *I have the most amazing things in mind too, oh hohohoho*.

Mood: So overtired
Listening to: Bubble Pop! - 현아


  1. EHEHE EHEHEEHEHEEEHHEHHEEHEEHEHEHE HEHEE IT WAS SO FUN lets do it every weekend from now on.

    1. Oh hohohoho~ You know how much I would love to do that with you *____*!!