Sunday, 22 January 2012

Retail therapy for my sooky sickness.

I've been feeling really upset for the past few days, mainly due to my stomach virus and stress at work, so Mina and I decided to go on a frilly shopping adventure today for a bit of retail therapy... and boy did I spend some money !(◎_◎;) , hahahaha. It did make me feel a lot better though, it was nice to catch up with Mina and get some cute things as well as make-up that I needed ‎(✿◠‿◠)!!
Oh, and I also changed my bed cover to this cute spotty one while my Rilakkuma one is in the wash~

Casual "I'm going to wear cakes today because they're yummy" co-ord run down:
Dress: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: Angelic Pretty
Accessories: Strawberry Skies, Squeaky Toybox, Chocomint, San-x
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Coin Purse: Offbrand
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Antaina

When I got into the city Mina and went and had a bit of a look at the Chinese New Year celebrations . They weren't as exciting as we thought they would of been, but I think we just came at a bad time because not much was happening ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ. Althoughhhh, we did get to see some pretty neat dragon dances~ this one boy was up really high on stilts doing the whole dragony thing, so that was really awesome to see (((o(゚▽゚)o)))!! After that we went and got some Easy Way and made our way around shopping everywhere we could ψ(`∇´)ψ . We went to a lot of places, but didn't buy from all of them. Mainly we just swooned at cute and expensive things, especially in the cosmetics stores ehehe.
I took pictures of everything I bought and you'll be able to see below, oh hohohoho~
*this is really image heavy, but I have to show you everythingggggg; you can click to enlarge them too*

In the left picture is my strawberry eating set, which is super super cute; I put all of the items in my basket straight away. There is a little tea cup, plate and an ice-cream bowl and they're all small sized so it's really dainty and sweet~
In the right picture are a few other food related things! I got a chocolate topped storage box, a love heart shaped mug which seems really impractical to drink out of but I had to buy because it was heart shaped, a ceramic strawberry storage thingy, and a little bento box that I can take snacks around in. All of these things ~and lots of the things to come~ were found in the Little Japan store!

These two strawberry storage boxes have to be one of my favourite things that I picked up from the store. I desperately needed some for my over crowded room, and I'm so glad I stumbled across these because they're perfect (ノゝ∀・)~☆! They fit in the bottom of my bookcase perfectly too!

Andddd.... then I went a bit crazy with the hair accessories *sigh*. I had more in my basket but Mina said that was enough and I took them out. My argument was that everything was $2.80 but noooooooooooooooo. 
I got a cute gold puffy ribbon head bow, as well as five hair ties/bracelets. One is that terry towl material with bows and pom poms, and then there are two pastel pom pom ones with bows that remind me of the Chocomint accessories! I also got a fluffy pastel one that reminds me of rainbow ice-cream, and a lacy one that was just really pretty. I put them all on my wrist and took a photo because they're all so puffy (~ ^ω^)~!

I got lots of make-up related things as well because I really needed them. In the top corner are the eyelashes Kayte bought me as part of my present that I forgot to take a photo of, and then underneath that is an eyelash case which has all little compartments to keep your false eyelashes in. It's a really nifty idea and I've already filled it up with mine, hehe~ The decoden nails were a present from Mina because she said they would match Milky Berry. They're so cuteeeeee, I love them! Mina had little deer nails on today that were really cute too!
I also bought one of those terry toweling head bands that keep your hair out of your face when you're washing it, some sock glue for my long socks, and some cute brown storage cases for creams and what not for travelling~

On the bottom row is all of the make-up I bought today, plus the amazing chocolate and vanilla edible lip scrub from Lush that I bought the other day (♥◡♥). Mina pointed out this eyeshadow set in Little Japan and said that she had it and the colours come up really bright and nice. I've never been one to wear eyeshadow but it was so cheap I thought I might buy it to experiment around a bit and try it out! Next to that is the primer and liquid eyeliner I bought from The Face Shop. The primer is from a Korean brand called "Lovely Me:ex" and the product is "Angel skin make up base". I tried it out in the store and it felt really smooth and lovely and also gave a good coverage, on top of that it's in the cutest little mint tube with little pictures on it. The eyeliner is also from a Korean brand called "Face it" and the product is called "Extreme brush pen eyeliner" in the colour "01 Black force". One of my friends Holly bought this and said it was really good, and since my liquid eyeliner ran out this morning I thought I would try it out! Last but not least is a slim bottle of perfume from The Pink Shop. The brand is "Urban Rituelle" and the product is "Cotton candy petit parfum". It smells exactly like cotton candy and is in a really pretty bottle which is purse sized so I can carry it around with me. Mina and I were smelling and swooning over everything in this store; It's one of my favourites because everything in there is so sweet and cute (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧. 

When we went to Kinokuniya so Mina could buy a magazine, I bought this tote bag as an impulse buy when I was waiting for her at the registers. But I love it lots and lots, for a small bag it fits so much in it and it has a panda on itttttttttt. A freakin' pandaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaa!

I also went into Cotton On Body for some super cheap frilly underwear! I got a chocolate brown pair, a pink pair, a cute floral & pastel pink pair, a nude pair, and my favourite pair; the deer oneeeesss! I only paid ten dollars for the five pairs, it was so amazing but it was really hard to sift through the piles to find your size *sigh*.

This is the beautiful velvet dress Mina bought that she said I could borrow to wear to Big Day Out on Thursday. It's so light and flowy, and it's a deep burgundy red which is one of my favourite colours. I like it so much I'm probably going to go and buy the same dress on Tuesday when I'm in the city again, hehehe.
We ended up shopping for around five hours until out feet got sore, and ended up finding this really cute cafe with a window full of pretty looking sandwiches - so we bought one and cut it in half, and then took stupid pictures eating the sandwich, hahahaha! But oh my goodness it was such a yummy sandwich (๑◕ˇڡˇ◕), I will definitely be going back there again to eat.

Some examples of said silly pictures ~ (Happy sandwich times!)

After eating and resting, we shopped even more, but then my tummy started to get sore and bad and Mina was getting really sleepy so we decided it was time to go home - but not before we ended with our usual ritual~ Capitols for purikura and claw machines ( ̄▽ ̄) .

Now I'm home and all happy drinking the peppermint tea I bought from T2 to help me relax my tummy as well as calm me down. I love this tea the most because it leaves a tingle on your lips after you take a sip, and it's hard to find peppermint teas that do that (=´∀`)人(´∀`=). In fact, all of T2's teas are lovely! I'm thinking I might get the Chocolate tea next time, it smelt really yummy.

Mood: Super content~
Listening to: The "ならば、意味から解放された響きは『音』の世界の深淵を語る。" album by té

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