Thursday, 15 December 2011

I love Chocomint!

After a few days of waiting I finally got my chocomint order and I am so happppyyyyyy ლ(╹◡╹ლ)!
I've always wanted to buy from there but I didn't really trust or understand Rakuten but I thought I would just go ahead try it and it all worked out perfectly.

From top left across (and then down):
  • ミルキーウェイ2WAYヘアピン&ブローチ (Pink milky star 2WAY hairclip & brooch)
  • ミルキーリボンヘアクリップ (Pink plastic ribbon hair & bag clip)
  • ミルキーラメスターリング (Lemon yellow plastic star ring)
  • 水玉プラスチックリボンリング (Pink x white polka dot plastic ribbon ring)
  • ベロアリボンカチューシャ (Red velour headband)
  • キラキラプラスチックリボンネックレス (Red glitter plastic ribbon necklace)
  • キラキラプラスチックリボンバングル (Pink glitter plastic ribbon bracelet)
  • 水玉プラスチックリボンバングル (Pink x white ribbon polkadot plastic bangle)
  • キラキラプラスチックリボンネックレス (Pink glitter plastic ribbon necklace)
  • *New*ラブリーリボンプラスチックリング (Pink lovely Ribbon plastic ring)
  • パールキャンディブレスレット (Pink candy pearl bracelet)
Note: My translations may not be completely accurate, but these are the product names from the chocomint website with the added colour that I ordered.

The staff are really lovely and nice, and communication really easy and quick I was really impressed (。♥‿♥。) ! They let me delay payment for a few days, and then when I did pay it was shipped out the same day and arrived only a few days later. They even marked down the prices and changed the information from "new goods" to "used goods for personal use" so I didn't have to pay any customs fees.
I would definitely order from there again, and now I know it's all okay I might try out other shops tooooo.

Mood: Sore and achy.
Listening to: Starry Rocket - VOCALOID

PS: Jasmina, if you're reading this, one of the pink milky star clips is for you as a present (。◕‿◕。) !

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  1. Darling, that red velour headband is gorgeous. It's going to look beautiful on your pretty little head.