Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A happy Lolita Christmas to you ☆ \(◕ ◡ ◕\) !

Eeee, yesterday's meet was so wonderful, but it's such a shame a lot of people couldn't come because of work and commitments ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ!! It was just Sharon, Loki, Nicole, Natasha and I but it was really really fun. I ended up changing from coat to cardigan before I left the house because it was too muggy and I would of gotten really overheated *sigh*, but I kept it pink to try and bring out the cakes in my co-ord.

When I got to QVB I ended up getting lost (⋋▂⋌) , but then I ran into Loki so we both had each other to stand with! She came in a hand made old school gothic lolita outfit, with mega high chunky shoes. Here are some bathroom shots! I had to delete the ones with a girl giving death stares in the background, hahaha ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ !

Nicole turned up in her new lilac Angelic Pretty dress that she got at the meet and teamed it with polka dots everywhereeeee, Natasha wore a sweet red tartan co-ord to fit in with the Christmas theme, and Sharon wore Angelic Pretty's Sweet Ribbon Strawberry print with lots and lots of strawberry accessories and little deer ears that were so so cute (ノ´∀`*)!

We got Santa photos in the Swarovski Crystal dome, it was so so beautiful and shinyyyyyy. We had a little buzzer instead of having to wait in line, which was really neat so we went and took photos with the christmas tree and ended up having lots of people wanting to take photos of us and with us, hahaha! I'm pretty sure this Santa was the most awesome Santa ever. He joined in with all of our poses, and really enjoyed our outfits; we had to explain that we weren't dressed up as Alice in Wonderland and Little Bo Peep though. Oh, and the helpers there enjoyed our outfits so much they put a million handfuls of candy canes and lollies in our handbags and gave us balloons ~of which I sucked the Helium out of later he he he he~.


After we got photos we went to Ichiban-boshi for yummy ramen, and then lurked around Kinokuniya looking at the Akira art installation, Japanese magazines and cute stationary. Then we got crepes and this creepy lady started talking to us about how she had heartburn, how I looked like a walking doll, how her daughter was Greek like Nicole, and then kissed Natasha on the cheek and asked Loki how to get to the bus stop (◎_◎;) !!

Everybody had to go after that, and so Sharon and I went on a cute shopping adventure!

We got purikura, and then walked around China Town and got stopped for a few photos before swooning over Rilakkumas in Morning Glory, and then swooning more over Rilakkumas in the Sanrio shop (((o(゚▽゚)o))) !! 

There was this shop which we named "The Pink Shop" and it was the most beautiful and pretty shop I've ever walked in to. They had makeup and lotions that smelt so nice, and the whole place was decorated so nicely, it's so hard to explain so I couldn't help but take a million pictures 人(´∇`):

Sharon and I ended up at the cutest little cafe called "Noritas". There were lounges everywhere and we sat at the table drinking iced tea (crushed green tea in Sharon's case!) and playing uno because it's a board game cafe. I've never been there before and I can definitely see myself going back, the atmostphere there was really lovely! 

I can't wait for the next meet, I really enjoy spending time with the girls (▰˘◡˘▰) !!
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  1. You're looking awesome!. Holy night story really fits into christmas atmosphere ^ . ^

  2. Kyah!~ <3 that was really well done Alanah, you forgot to mention about that nasty old man that spat and said to us, "grow up!" >.< lol I'd rather not grow up to be like him, lol!

  3. Shi: Ahhh, thank you! I thought so too, it's perfect for Christmas n___n!

    Sharon: Oh goodness, that man was disgusting, I don't understand why people are so rude >.<
    Do you remember that homeless lady that asked us if we wanted to get a job with Dr. Jones?! That was a bit scary, haha!

  4. I know!!! Sigh...there will always be haters unfortunately ;(
    Hmm which one and where was that?o.o lol too many radoms yesterday!xD

  5. Sharon: At the entrance to QVB! She was smelly and in a night gown >.<!
    Eeeee, so many photo asks!

  6. There are lolita meet ups in Sydney?? ; A ; <333
    Ohh my gosh that is wonderful~ I would love to go to one one day ; w ;

    1. @Paige
      There sure are *_____* !!
      We have them regularly n__n~ If you go to anime cons in Lolita usually the girls will find you and add you into our facebook community if you're not already there.
      If not, there is a livejournal community called oz_lolita and you can get involved there too~

    2. Ohh wow that is amazing!! ^ u ^
      I do go to anime cons regularly, I will try & see them sometime at the next one I attend ^ - ^
      Thank you very much~ ^ ___ ^