Saturday, 17 December 2011

Alanah's Delivery Service!

I'm off to work! I'm going to wear my new Chocomint bow because it's just so cute *_____*!! Because I'm wearing black I feel like I'm out of Kiki's Delivery Service.

I have my work Christmas party tonight, so I let my colleagues pick what dress they want me to wear and they all unanimously picked Holy Night Story, so I guess I'll be wearing that again o(≧o≦)o. I'll have to change the coord around, hahahaha!
Eeee, free wine and food oh hohohohoho~

Mood: Excited
Listening to: Carry? - ガゼット

1 comment:

  1. waaa~~ love the chocomint bow! adorable. I really want a red velvet bow but my hair is red so I would look ridiculous haha. >_____<

    loving the blogspot, you made a great choice^^