Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bedroom tour with Deerstalker Pictures!

The other week I did a room tour video with my amazing friends, Deerstalker Pictures! I took them all around my bedroom to show them all of the thingsssss (although they're over my house all the time, hahaha!). 
I like to surround myself with the things I love, and I recently got new furniture and changed my bedroom around quite a bit so it was super nice to be able to show you guys now that I'm really happy with my room. 

Here is the simple coordinate that I wore for the video:
Coordinate rundown:
Dress: Angelic Pretty Sweets Cream House JSK
Blouse: Amavel "Tea Party"
Socks: Angelic Pretty 
Shoes: Golden Ponies
Beret: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Offbrand and taobao

And you can watch the video here:

Please make sure to subscribe to get more videossss. We're currently working on a few more, and super open to suggestions for new videos as well !!


  1. You are super cute I love Deerstalkerpictures and your room is amazing :3

  2. Hi sorry to bother you Milky but I'd really like to know since I've been searching all over the web for them, where did you get your bed sheets? Id be so happy if you could tell me so I could get them before Christmas time :) thanks so much! ;3 ^.^