Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How to order from Angelic Pretty with Tenso!

Since it was about time I signed up for one myself, I thought I would make a step by step guide on how to set up a tenso account to buy directly from Angelic Pretty since their shopping system has changed.
Throughout this tutorial I will be screenshotting it Japanese as well as English translated hoping that it might make it easier for people to navigate! So, here we go!

1. Sign up for a Tenso account!

By having a tenso account it allows you to shop on Japanese web stores and they will send it internationally when there is no international shipping option available. How it works is Tenso gives you a personal Japanese address which is your shopping address to use when registering for Japanese websites. So remember to keep this address in a safe place.
From there, when they receive the package they ship it straight to you!

2. Register for an Angelic Pretty shopping account!

Once you have your Tenso account, you're ready to register for the Angelic Pretty website!
You can register by finding the above links here, or alternatively click here to to get to the first page to register an Angelic Pretty online shopping account
It should take you to the terms and conditions page which looks like this:
Obviously you want to click yes! Which will now take you to the detail registration page.

3. Enter in your details!

I've tried to pre fill it out as best I can for you, but here is an example of what it should look like in English and in Japanese. I have only screenshot the first part of the registration - the other half is just choosing a password and you can bypass the occupation and forgotten password questions.
As you can see it asks for your name in english, then in Katakana.
Click here for a good Katakana name converter and then copy and paste your name in!
Underneath that it asks for your address and this is where you enter your Tenso details. 
I've entered them already in my screenshot, but the details for Tenso are: 
Postal Code: 120-0023 
Region: 東京都 
City: 足立区 
Street Address: Your personal address given to you by Tenso 
Telephone Number: 03-5739-3341
You can get your personal address from your tenso "My Page" section.
From there you will click through to the next page to double check and confirm your details.

4. Registration completion!

From there you will get to the completion page and you should get an email to the address that you registered thanking you for becoming a part of the Angelic Pretty online shop and letting you know that your registration is fully completed!

5. Logging in!

Now that you have an account you can log in by clicking this link here or by following the links circled below.
This will take you to "my page" where you can track everything and update your details when you need to.
Now you are free to shop ♡♡♡!! 
It uses a shopping cart system just like the old website, and once you are finished adding things to your cart you check out, confirm your address and items and then choose a payment method.
When shopping with Tenso and Angelic Pretty the only option for overseas buyers is credit card. You cannot use cash on delivery so do not pick this option!
From here you pay, choose a shipping method and then check out as normal!

I hope this guide helped anybody confused about the new system - I know I was! Now to sit and hunt down all the pretty releases coming out soon he he he he.


  1. I was afraid to be too confused or miss something and give problems.
    Very usefull. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for this, it was really helpful ^__^

  3. I wish I could use PayPal, as I don't ever want a credit card. But I HAVE to have AP~!

  4. Would a debit card work? Sometimes those are referred to as one and the same.

  5. Pay by card is not an option. 😔 Otherwise it's a very good tutorial.

  6. Thanks for sharing the experience with Tenso, I've stayed with Transbang for long time since i found that their service rate is much cheaper and always got promotion price on intl' shipping rate.