Monday, 9 January 2012

Little tips for a sweet and cute style.

I get a lot of emails and questions asking for help on how to dress in a "cutesy" style. So, I thought I would do a little guide and write it all here for everybody, just in case they were wondering too (ノ´∀`*)!!

Here are a few tips for an easy cute look, just by adding some simple basics and using a new colour scheme! It's a really girly look, so when shopping or coordinating keep that in mind.

Your colour palette should be based around soft and pastel colours like baby pink, saxon blue, pale yellow, peach, lilac and mint. I also like to add base colours to work with like brown, beige, cream, grey and white. They can add a bit of variety to your co-ordiations without them washing your skin tone out from all of the pale colours.

Patterns and detailing:
It's nice to add some things to your base colours to make your outfit really really sweet and lovely. Things like hearts, polka dots and flowers, as well as food and animal themed prints for example make your outfit that little bit more cute. You can also look for things with lace or bead detailing to make a simple outfit into something special.

Basic items:
A cute and girly wardrobe is made up around clothing essentials like the following:
  • Short to knee length flowy or frilled skirts
  • Mini or summer dresses
  • Coloured cardigans
  • Knit jumpers
  • Collared blouses of all kinds
  • Cute printed shirts or singlets with detailing
  • Patterned and plain stockings
  • Frilled lace or patterned socks
  • Flat, t-bar strap, ankle boots or sandals for casual shoes
  • Small heel, wedge or platform for dressed up shoes
  • Leather satchels, clutches and shoulder bags.
Co-ordinating and accessorising:
Once you have the base items, you can co-ordinate how ever you like with whatever makes you feel comfortable. Personally, I like to wear blouses with skirts, teamed with stockings and flats, and on a colder day I will add a coat or cardigan. Or alternatively, a dress with a pair of boots and frilled socks for example. 
With accessories, pearls and silver jewellery always add a classy sweet touch. Cute rings, bangles and brooches can also be added to make your outfit more interesting and dressy.

I hope this has helped even just a little bit. It's not the only way to dress in this style, it's just my preferred and casual way. There are other fashions such as Dolly Kei, Mori girl, Cult Party Kei, Fairy Kei, Otome Kei, and Decora that are really cute in their own way and most definitely worth checking out (•⊙ω⊙•) !

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