Sunday, 15 January 2012

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus!

Today was probably one of the best days of my life(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ !! I went to the Harry Potter exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum with a lot of my lolita friends and it was totally amazing and I was totally over excited and squee-ing so much. I'm definitely going again, oh my goodness nobody understands my super love for the series (。♥‿‿♥。).

Slytherin "Draco Malfoy's sister" co-ord run down:
Skirt with detachable waist coat: Infanta
Blouse: Dangerfield
Bag: Nine West
Accessories: Harry Potter merchandise, Lovisa, Offbrand, Infanta
Shoes: Windsor Smith

I was so excited that I didn't sleep very well and woke up really early this morning to get ready and go, hahaha (⊙﹏⊙). On the train these two little girls spotted me and started talking about Harry Potter and how they want to dress up and go the exhibition and what house they wanted to be in, it was really really cute! I got in the city an hour early and kinda just wandered around until I spotted other Hogwarts students, oh hohohoho. Everybody had such amazing co-ords, and we were all dressed according to our house too! We all went and got Easy Way and I tried honey milk tea with pearls and it was actually so so yummy, I'm adding it to my list of favourite teas. Aly couldn't make it which made us all very sad though >.<

When we actually got to the Powerhouse Museum the line was so long *sigh* and we ended up waiting half an hour to get in, but when we did get in it was so so worth it oh my goodness. During the waiting line you could get a photo taken, and we had to spilt in two because our group was too big ~but the photos turned out absolutely horrible so nobody bought them except for Cming and Ry who got their own taken together which turned out really amazing~. You weren't allowed to take photos inside the exhibition which was super lame because there were so many things I wanted photos of („#゚Д゚) .

~please don't read ahead if you plan on going and don't want me to ruin parts of it for you~

You had to shout "Alohomora" in order to get into the exhibition after an amazing explanation of the rules; 
  1. The Dementors would take you Azkaban if you took a photograph inside the exhibition.
  2. The displays were in glass cases and behind barriers because they were actually Port Keys and they had a man wizz away to the Amazon the other week because he touched one. They got Owl Mail off him and he wasn't doing too well, so they didn't want the same thing to happen to you.
  3. Once you walked out into the gift shop you weren't allowed back into the exhibition so make sure you see and do everything before you go!
When we walked into the first room there was a stool on a platform with the Sorting Hat on it with a tour guide standing next to it in wizard robes, and they asked all of the kids to sit down at the front of the room and the adults to stand at the back... naturally I sat down with the kids after absolutely losing it because I realised what was happening. The lady standing there introduced herself and the exhibition and then went on to ask for a volunteer; me. I think I went absolutely and completely nuts with excitement after that. I've never been so overwhelmed and excited in my life and oh my goodness I can't even explain (⊙ヮ⊙) . I couldn't sit still, and when she asked me where I lived and how I got there I forgot because all I could think about was "Oh my god Sorting Hat, oh my god, oh my god" ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪. She asked me if I had a favourite house and everybody laughed because of my outfit, hahaha! A little boy in the front said it was Slytherin and then she told me to concentrate really hard on what house I wanted to be in and I was just alll sakfjhejsafjahrjarjsa and then the Sorting Hat spoke and put me in Slytherin, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! From there two other children got sorted into Griffindor, and we moved onto the next room. But that was seriously one of the best moment of my life o(≧▽≦)o !!

The second room had screens set up and they played the evolution of Harry Potter over the years, it was wonderful, and then at the end a sliding door opened up to the Hogwarts Express sitting there with smoke everywhere and I had another heart attack \(//∇//)\. The lady who was acting as a guide was welcoming everybody to Hogwarts, but welcomed us back because we were all in our outfits, hahaha! It was totally brilliant. From there, all of the moving painting were on the walls and further inside was the actual exhibition itself. I got a chance to pull a mandrake out of it's pot and it screamed at me, throw quaffles through Quiddich hoops, sit in Hagrids chair and go through his hut, see some of the mythical creatures, and look at all of the amazing props and costumes that were used throughout the movies.

The shop was pretty massive, and they had a lot of merchandise there, but nothing really cosplay-ey which was a bit sucky *sigh*. There were chocolate frogs and small boxes of Bertie Botts, shirts, a few wands, pens, stickers, ties, scarfs and hats and stuff. It was pretty expensive *waaaaaa* and they didn't have Draco's wand which made me quite upset. I ended up getting a massive handful of chocolate frogs, two little boxes of Bertie Botts to refill my big box, and a Slytherin scarf. I really wanted Professor McGonagalls' wizard card and when I opened one of my froggies I got one which made me extremely happy (((o(゚▽゚)o)))~!! I really wanted a time turner, but I didn't have enough money so I just swooned over Meg's one. It had the cutest little box to keep it in!


Since we weren't allowed photos in the exhibition, we used one of the trains that were in the museum as a background and fake Hogwarts Express, hahaha! It was renamed the Slytherin Express >:] We got a group photo as well as house and friend photos. Here is me and Desany, my fellow badass Slytherin house memberrrr!

And a group shot with a little girl who really wanted a photo with us!

Afterwards we ended up at Noritas drinking blended green ice teas, milkshakes, other teas and smoothies and eating ice cream, udon and cake dishes. It was really nice to sit down and chat with everyone, considering there were some people there that I hadn't met before or didn't know very well ( ^ω^) . Buttttttttt, Nicole and I got reallllllly hungry and decided to go and have Mappen noodle bar  ~I've heard so much about it but it was my first time and it was so cheap and delicious, I am definitely going back again!~ and then meet back with everybody at Kinokuniya the bookstore. Ughhhh, the food looked so nice I had to take a million photos of it before I could eat it.

We both ate until we were bursting, and then slowly made our way to Kinokuniya grumbling about how full we were, hahahaha! Everybody browsed around there for a while, and Holly and I searched for the K-pop section and swooned over magazines with some of our favourite groups on them \(◕ ◡ ◕\)!! Cming recommended this edition of the Gothic Lolita Bible, and I had to buy it because it had Misako Aoki on the front and she is my Lolita idol *swooning again*. I was super close to buying a kids magazine with Rilakkuma on the front, but refrained and settled for FRUiTS instead. I'm actually really glad I got FRUiTS because some of my favourite street fashionistas are in it with really really amazing outfits, it's really good for inspiration  (・∀・) !! I read them on my train ride home while the girl next to me read the Gothic Lolita Bible over my shoulder. She seemed really interested, haha!

Andddddddd, now that I'm home you can have a shameless selca with my amazing new scarf that's never going to leave my neck.. until I have to sleep that is.

Mood: Still can't get over how amazing today was~
Listening to: The Philosopher's Stone soundtrack


  1. Oh my god Alanah I got all hyper and excited reading this, I wish/hope this exhibition comes to Portugal!I´d be a Gryffindor though!
    Really jelly of your day and gothic lolita bible I love Misako too.
    Talk to you sooooon! <3

    1. Aahahaha, yesssss that would be really amazing! You're my arch enemy, he he he he >:]
      She's got such wonderful style and she's so cute (ノ´∀`*) !!

  2. Oh my god that outfit is amazing!!!

    1. Thank you (◕‿◕✿)!!
      I had to buy it especially for this occasion, but it was well worth it!

    2. Where did you get the Ravenclaw outfit? :o

  3. where did you buythis dress??"!! i really want it to know >_<

    1. It's from taobao from Infanta doll face <3!