Sunday, 25 December 2011

My super Christmas haul, oh hohohoho!

Guhh, while my stomach settles from all of the food I've eaten, I thought I would make a little bloggy post about my day (◡‿◡✿)!! Today is Christmas and it's been a really big day for me, especially because I have to accommodate for four separate families as well as friends *siiighhhh*  (╯_╰) I am incredibly tired and in need of a Nanna nap.

It at started when I got woken up at 7am by Jackson calling, gahhh. I was asleep and a bit dopey to respond to him because I was sleep-talking, but it was a nice wake up call ~even though it was super early and I was basically a zombie for the next few hours (∩︵∩)~. After zombie-ing around for a while I got in the shower and then I got all dressed in a quickly put together casual co-ord because my relatives aren't all that used to seeing me in OTT *A*!!

Christmas co-ord run down:
Dress: Star Hime JSK by Strawberry Skies
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: Offbrand
Accessories: Squeaky Toybox, Chocomint, Thomas Sabo, Strawberry Skies
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Antaina
Bag: Rilakkuma tote by San-x

My parents decided that it would be cute to get my dog a present as well so he didn't feel left out when we were opening ours. They also made him open it himself, so of course I took a video of it oh hohohoho! ~Oh my goodness Mum speaks to the dog like a retard hehehehe~

After spending a bit of time at home I had to drive over to my Dad's house and do another Christmas celebration there while I waited for my Grandparents ~Mum's parents~ to drive down from the coast so we could do a proper Christmas at my own house (▰˘◡˘▰).
So I went to Dad's and cuddled my cats and opened presents with my brother and my soon-to-be step-sister. Dad didn't really know what to get me so he gave me some money to get Angelic Pretty's Petite Patisserie, and his girlfriend gave me some more money to go towards my savings. I got a few other little presents from them but they said I'm super hard to buy for because everything I like isn't in "normal shopping centres", hahaha (~ ̄▽ ̄)~. I drove to one of my Aunty's houses on my Dad's side to see the rest of my relatives for their Christmas Day meet, ate all of their food and left to come home again.

I've been spending the rest of the day at home with Mum, Gavin, my brother and step-brother as well as my grandparents. Mum made so much food I think my stomach was the on the verge of exploding. I basically ate a whole family sized wombok salad to myself as well as half a vegetarian potato bake, they're my favouriteeeeessss (o´ω`o). After lunch we all did presents and drank Mum's homemade punch.
Gavin got this super neat game called "Potty Fishing" which is basically a small blow up pool that sits on a mat filled with magnetic fish that you catch with a mini fishing rod that play when you're going to the toilet. It's so hilarious, we took turns in playing it ~without actually going to the toilet of course ☆ (≧ω≦)~. He also got beer and dad like stuff, and Mum got lots of blingy jewellery and expensive lady things as per usual. My brother got some massive LCD TV and lots of DVDs and game related stuff, as well as clothes, boy things, and a pair of red vans off me because I was sick of seeing his stupid Nike lad shoes *A*!!
And nowwwwww, this is my haul of Christmas presents! I've taken a photo of everything because it's easier to look at it than listen to me try and ramble and explain what they are stuff (╯◕_◕)╯*sigh*.

Starting from top left and going across, and then down in rows:
  • Mini flower foot rest/mini stool
  • Silver telephone money box ~as an incentive to start saving~ (from Nan)
  • "Cassidy" gold glittery slip on shoes
  • Zoe Wittner "Canny" beige platform sandals
  • Mario mushroom look-a-like laptop lap rest *it's upside down* (from Jackson's mum)
  • Packet of Maltesers (from Nan)
  • Peter Alexander "Strawberry Stripe" pyjama top and bottoms set *hidden underneath*
  • Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers fragrance in "Music" (from Nan)
  • Harajuku kimino doll candle
  • Chloe and Lola sailor dot brasserie
  • Chloe and Lola pink stripe brasserie
  • Satin Indulgence "Whitney" ivory lace brasserie
  • Deer fur collar
  • Betty Boop underwear (from Nan)
  • Twelve pairs of bonds underwear ~eeee, new undies are the bestttt!~
  • Cute white summery pintuck detailed blouse
  • Betty Boop pyjama top *hidden underneath* (from Nan)
  • Plain pink singlet top for lazy days
  • Loris red heart handbag
  • Thomas Sabo Harajuku girl charm for my charm bracelet
  • Array of gift vouchers for beauty, movies, dining and shopping (from various relatives)
  • Ouran High School Host Club anime DVD part 1 (from Jackson)
  • Penguin classics lined note pad (from Jackson's mum)
  • Silver bow headband with diamontes and studs (from Nan)
  • Hello Kitty hair scrunchie
  • Hello Kitty hair elastic with cabuchon
  • Hello Kitty contant lens case with accessories inside
  • Subtitled deep red silk velvet shorts
  • Super Mario Tanooki plush hat (from Jackson)

Ever since all the food and presents I've just kinda been hanging around and relaxing. Jackson might be sleeping over tonight which makes me all excited because I miss that turd.
Anddddddddd, Nan has just walked in with a mini pavlova that she made for me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I guess that's goodbye to you, and hello to sweets *yummmmm*!!
I hope everyone had a really lovely Christmas~!!

Mood: Extremely content
Listening to: SUPER GIRL - Super Junior M


  1. What a lot of cute things! I really love your Deer fur collar! Nothing like that suites me, so I stick to fox tails and hand mufflers.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. @アリ☆ぴんぴ娘
    Eeee, thank you! It's my favourite item that I got hahaha!
    Fox tails are cute too *____*!! I wish I had hand mufflers they are so adorable!
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I absolutely adore that JSK!