Monday, 26 December 2011

Fawns and fur ~☆!

I'm so upset I missed out on the Innocent World collar *waaaaaaa*, but I think my new deer fur collar is my most favourite thing in my wardrobe now and it comes pretty damn close to being like the IW one just without all of the detailing! 
I'm slowly collecting deer themed things to fuel my deer obsession... Did I mention I like deers ψ(`∇´)ψ?

It didn't come with the ribbon attached, I DIY-ed that myself, but I think it adds a cute touch to it. I might add one to Mina's collar as well if she lets me! I can't wait to twin our deer co-ords (((o(゚▽゚)o)))

Mood: I want another nap T.T~
Listening to: Mahora - ナイトメア


  1. That collar is so cute * O * !! It matches your style so well too ~

  2. @✦dimskeletons
    Ahhhh, thank you! I've always wanted one *____*!!

  3. Do you know where the collar is from?! I want one! It's beautiful.
    P.S: My Step-Pop used to own a deer farm and he knows breeders, I might be getting a pet fawn soon which I'm super excited about it! Fingers crossed ~ *___*

  4. @bebipinku
    It's from Taobao, I ordered it through my friend *nod nod*
    Oh that's exciting! There are deers in Winston Hills that I like to go and look at, but I didn't know you could have them as pets. Do you need a license or anything?

  5. Thank you!!! I'll take a look there, even though I can barely understand the site! :s
    I don't think you need a license unless you're making a business out of it or if you have a large amount (I hope you don't need a license). I know that my backyard is legal size for animals though, I've already had ducks, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, birds, goats, cows and pigs! We only had the goats, cows and pigs for a short period of time but still!