Friday, 10 October 2014

Pinky Paradise instructional video!

Hey guys! So a while ago I teamed up with Deerstalker Pictures to do an instructional video for Pinky Paradise for circle lens care. It's really weird to see my face on the front page of their website !!
On the day I was super tired and I got to wear a cute casual coordinate to the shoot, little did everybody know I was wearing long johns and uggboots on the bottom half because you didn't see it in the shots *sneaky sneaky* I was totally prepared for mid shoot napping.
I wore all Emily Temple Cute with Angelic Pretty accessories! 
(Pyjamas by Peter Alexander and pink sparkly uggboots from Aliexpress)

Here is the video! It's actually really informative and I learnt a lot about circle lenses in the process of making it. But I still have a lot of trouble taking them in and out as you can see, hahahaha. I guess it makes it more natural since it's a beginners video right?!

It was a pretty fun day because the script of the video was very light hearted with slapstick humour involved. I had to interact with the narrator who just so happens to be Senor Arpakasso, and I also got to smash lens bottles and swim around the lounge room!
Here's some obligatory Miley shots!

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