Sunday, 15 June 2014

Supanova Sydney 2014!

Over the weekend I went to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo with all my friendsssss. It was really good and I had lots of fun but now I am currently dying in bed recovering from it all.
Here are just all my silly snaps off my camera before all of the awesome photoshoot photos get put up for me to show you !!
Day one I went as Pokemon trainer Serena. I was actually really surprised that not many people recognised it considering Pokemon is the god damn bomb mannn.
Myself and Daniel (Vincent from Catherine), Holly (Gothic lolita), Annette (Princess Mononoke), Elliot (Arisocrat / Deerstalker), Meg (Kawaii neko maid-chan) and Elyse (Retro lolita).
Myself and Goldie (Gothic lolita / Deerstalker), April (Gangster Mami), Kristy (Winter Wonderland Lulu), Laura (Rabbit, Steam Powered Giraffe), BJ Mac (What are you!?) and Simon (Joffrey from Game of Thrones).
Myself and a Monk from Diablo III, Mario in his pipe - Derpy shot with Annette, Holly, Jojo Elliot and Elyse - Taff as Kahleesi from Game of Thrones - more derpy shots with Mel, Dan and Elyse - Madman winners Michelle and Taff, catching all the pokemons, Ramus from League of Legends, and Bec as Anna from Frozen with creeping Laura.
Day two I went as my own avatar from the Fire Emblem: Awakening game / Tactician class. Apparently there were two other tacticians at the con and a Lucina walking around but I didn't bump into them and I am sad.
Myself and Kristy (Nui from Kill la Kill), Bec (Labyrinth), Annette (Sweet lolita), Elliot (Aristocrat / Deerstalker), Goldie (Classic lolita / Deerstalker), Anthony (Melvin from Sailor Moon). 
A wild tactician appears, uguu cats with Laura and Annette, Laura (Snow White) and I enjoying chips on a stick, derp photos with my Deerstalker loves, reverse photobombing a Game of Thrones group cosplay, and the best sailor moon group to ever exist.

I didn't really spend too much time inside because it was too crowded, but I did manage to get some amazing art prints off Aurelia which I'm gonna flaunt once I put them on my walls. Until next post, I go sleep now byeeee.