Monday, 2 April 2012

Obsessed with Rilakkuma.

The other day I went and had some lunch with some of the lolis for Sharon's birthday! It was so nice to catch up with them all, I miss them when we're not together \(`へ´*)ノ. We ended up chatting for ages, and walked around looking at shops buying things along the way.

Holly went crazy over all of the MBLAQ things in the Media Asia store while I swooned over the many posters of Taemin *creep*. She bought a nice big poster for her bed room and we all caught out breath outside after fangirling, hahaha!

Then... came visiting the stores with all of the cute things... and Rilakkumas... *dead*
Anybody that knows me, knows that I'm completely obsessed when it comes to Rilakkuma ~may or may not have Rilakkuma everything~ so I was completely head over heels when walking into these stores! There were also cute Kiiroitori things that Jess swooned over ehehehehehe.

I love youuuuu, wall of Rilakkuma!
Creeping around with Jess, Sharon and Cher!

Afterwards we went to Little Japan and stocked up on cute things, well, mainly fluffy ball keychains hahahaha! I got some new eyelashes and make up things while I was there which I'm really happy with! Unfortunately I had to leave straight after that because I was going out with Kayte later on to see Love Never Dies which was amazing. It was one of the best stage performances I've ever ever seen.

And now it's time for some bathroom selcas!

Ahhh, I have lovely friends!
Mood: Rilakkuma!
Listening to: Better - SHINee


  1. Yessss even the mood is Rilakkuma!
    Everyone from my community is obsessed with Rilakkuma so we swoon over eachothers thigs hehehe! So jelly of you, we don´t have rilakkuma stores here! p.s- I love the flowers in your hair

    1. Ehehehehehe Rilakkuma everythingggggg *swooning forever*!!
      Oh that's so cute ^____^!! Everyone in my community knows I'm obsessed and always point out Rilakkumas everywhere for me n___n!!
      Thank you <3 <3 ~!!