Sunday 16 November 2014

Unconventional French!

Super casual lolita coordinate for a hot day out for lunch with friends. Australian heat gets the better of me all the time, and it's getting increasingly harder to wear lolita out comfortably !!
Coordinate rundown:
Dress: Angelic Pretty French dot OP
Shoes: An*tai*na wedge sandals with detachable bows
Accessories: Peter Alexander, Angelic Pretty, Offbrand

Saturday 8 November 2014

Addressing your hoarding problems!

Over my lolita years my style has developed and changed through every substyle imaginable, as I matured and experimented trying to find my perfect little pocket in the fashion. So naturally I collected so many things from different brands in different colours, cuts and styles and I loved them all at the time of purchase but slowly they began to float towards the back of my wardrobe.

So, sometimes it's really hard to give up things that you love because you realise that you don't love them as much as you did - you want to keep them for the memories and the sake of having them because you're like yeahhhh I'll wear that again soon. But you never do. It just sits there looking pretty. And somebody sits there going "man, I wish I had that because I can't find it anywhere".
This is when you have to do what you thought you would never do - sell it.
And afterwards you surprisingly feel much better. It gives you an opportunity to help another person out, as well as giving yourself and opportunity to buy something new that you will actually wear and cherish instead of pushing it to the back of your wardrobe.

The thing that kept pushing me to sell more was the feeling of closure and cohesiveness when I looked into my closet, and a want to create my own little perfect wardrobe where all the pieces matched and worked with each other. In reality, I really haven't stopped hoarding; I'm hoarding different things but it's for better reasons.

As I say in the video "Quality is better than quantity, but if you have a quantity of quality that's okay too" !!

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Springthaw High Tea~

Last weekend I went to a beautiful high tea with a vast majority of the Sydney community to celebrate the start of spring! It was organised by the lovely Andy and Lottie and turned out to be such a beautiful day.

I decided to try something new, and finally wear some of the classic pieces that I have been keeping in my wardrobe. I recently bought this Triple Fortune bonnet and was dying to put it into a coordinate.
Coordinate rundown:
Dress: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angel Chiffon JSK,
Blouse: The Floral Notebook "My beloved empress"
Bonnet: Triple Fortune
Echarpe: Handmade by Strawberry Skies with cute Rilakkuma locket
Socks: Innocent World ribbon lace print OTKs
Shoes: Milk
Accessories: Baby the Stars Shine Bright sceptre, offbrand
Here are most of my selfies from the day, because it was so hot I was dying and sitting down so I forgot to take as many photos as I intended to *A* !!
Annette, Meggu, Holly, Sharon, Elyse, Kate, Oanh, Cheryl, Nicole, Cming, Victoria, Kylie and Noona.
The high tea was beautiful, and the sammiches were to die for. My favourite was the one with the pesto, beetroot and feta in it ahhhh yesssss. 
The Boronia Tea Gardens used T2 tea and I had the vanilla flavoured one. 

After eating and chatting, we had raffles! A Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress, Magic Cat Street dress, Rouge Aerie Design vouchers, handmade goodies, as well as other donated goodies were all given out (mind you the middle table had the most luck because the raffle tickets all picked people off their table!!)

Then we went outside to take outfit shots, group photos and talk more to each other because there were a lot of new faces to get to know.
Beautiful group shot of all of the beautiful people that attended~
More obligatory derp photos from the day.
Mainly featuring my wife Annette and I being stupid, Victoria, Noona and group derp shot.
This is one of my favourite photos of the day with Noona! I haven't been able to chat or hang out with her properly for a while and it was so nice to catch up. 
I had such a lovely day with all of these lovely people and I can't wait till the next meet ups that have been planned for the rest of the year! Best community ever.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Mean lolitas behind the scenes!

Deerstalker Pictures finally released the blooper reel from the Mean Lolitas parody video we did a while ago. I was so tired that I don't even remember half of it, so this was so awesome to watch to be able to laugh at myself.

My favourite part is definitely the lolita bogan fight, I'm showing my ~true colours~ ahahahaha !!
Until next time, bai baiiii.

Sunday 19 October 2014

September haul ft. more chocolate!

Wow, this post is a bit late because my computer decided to die orz;; but I finally got around to taking photos of some of my new things that I've got in the mail this month! You can definitely see the chocolate and sweets themes in my wardrobe expanding !!
Baby the Stars Shine Bright chocolate cardigan, Milk donut skirt, Leur Getter donut print high waist switching JSK.
Angelic Pretty Melty Ribbon Chocolate series:
 Round collar JSK, chocolate OTKs, jacket, two berets.
Emily Temple Cute chocolate and rabbit hooded cutsew dress, Liz Lisa batwing cardigan, Liz Lisa fluffy coat.
The Floral Notebook "My Beloved Empress" blouse, Innocent World Wendy OTKs, Innocent World Ribbon Lace printed OTKs, Milk necklace, Lief Gardenberries JSK.
Three offbrand berets, Golden ponies chloe three strap flats, Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette headbow,  Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette JSK, Angelic Pretty Loyal Rosette series OTKs.
Rilakkuma for Japan LA pancake box shirt, Super Orange "oppai" crop, Super Orange "hentai" sports crop for Annette, Look Human "senpai is never going to notice you" racerback singlet.